5 Mistakes Most Real Estate Companies Make on Social Media

Manoj Rathi
Aug 04, 2016 12:38 IST
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Social media is a long term play, not a short term one. A company should use social media to generate long term relationships with clients and build a “brand” which will lead to higher levels of business over time.The key here is to use social media in the correct manner.

Hence, mentioned below is a list of mistakes that a company majorly commits.

Mistake 1 - Using a Personal Profile instead of a Business Page on Facebook

This is the most common mistake that Real Estate Companies make. In fact, many aren’t even aware that this is a mistake. For most of us, the idea of having more than one “profile” on Facebook is something that we have never considered.

Mistake 2 - Going for the “Sale” in Too Many Posts

Post 3 things that benefit your audience. Each and every post benefits your brand.

If you look at the profiles of the best social media marketers, they all follow this rule. And many of them don’t stop at 3 to 1. Many are at 10 to 1 or even 50 to 1. Find what works for you and your audience, but focus on giving more than what you ask for in return.

Mistake 3 - Only Sharing Your Own Content

Find out what topics interests your audience. Choose those that are complimentary to homes, home sales, or your local area. Search for local or national companies and individuals that create content on these topics. Share this content and relate it back to your business. Make sure that you give credit to the content’s author.

Once you did a good job in finding content that is complimentary to your business and sharing content from someone local, means that you compliment their business as well. This could lead to them adopting the same strategy and sharing your content with their audience.

This can be one of the best ways to expose your brand for free to people who would not normally have known about you.

Mistake4 - Lack of Consistency in Posting

Many Companies struggle with the lack of consistency in their posting schedule.

-Posting on a consistent daily basis- Many Companies will post here and there, with no real consistency of what days they post. It’s important to post on a consistent basis so that you stay on the top of your audience’s mind. Depending on the platform, you may want to post a few times per week, once a day or even multiple times a day.

-Posting consistently throughout the day- Sometimes, companies will schedule enumerable posts in a short period of time. If one looks at the speed at which social media moves, updating multiple posts in a row makes it less likely for people to see the posts. And those that do see your posts may be overwhelmed with how many they see all at the same time. They key is to spread your posts out throughout the day.

To avoid this struggle, it is better to create a plan and then execute the same. If done right, you can implement your plan with time duration of 15-30 minutes per day.

Mistake 5 - Failure to Interact With Followers

This is another important point to take notice one. If someone comments on your post about your listing asking for details such as address or price, you respond to them with those details!

Note: It is common in the real estate industry to think that you need to turn that person into a lead before you give out these types of details. Many Companies will respond with something like “Please register on our website to view the listing price and address of this home. Thanks!” Want to find a way to make sure that 90% of people will never register on your website? Send that message to everyone who asks for details. This mindset, and responding in this way, goes against everything that people love about social media. Being open and sharing details on your social media profiles will make it more likely that people get to know, like, and trust you – and ultimately that will lead to them using your real estate services.

In fact, when people comment on your posts, jump into a conversation with them. It’s not hard and definitely doesn’t take much time. But being responsive and interacting with your followers will have more of an impact on the success of your social media marketing efforts than anything else that you do.

Therefore, one must take a few minutes and examine its social media activities. Everyone makes a few of these mistakes at some point. The key is to identify them and make the necessary rectifications. Eliminating these mistakes from your real estate social media marketing activities can help you to start seeing the benefits that you have been hoping to achieve.

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