Pizza Hut’s Twitter win creates a delicious example

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Pizza Hut’s Twitter win creates a delicious example
I recently read a quote that was doing rounds on social media and it spoke a lot to me, "There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap." I think I heard many of the readers imagining and going, "Ummm yeah!" The comfort food that boasts of being the ultimate favorite food has the power to solve world problems (hyperbole intended).

Arguably the slice that has the power to change moods and sizes too has its own shrine, blessing all the pizza-lovers around the world and being a vital memory of our childhood. One such pizza place did all of us a favor announcing their offer of #ValueAt199 which offered two medium pizzas at 199 each. No points for guessing, because Pizza Hut made all of us aware with their thriving offer.

The trend of #ValueAt199

Social media has been single handedly responsible to trigger conversations and re-shape the image of a brand if used right. Pizza Hut also gave foodies an offer to celebrate with Pizza and soda of course by announcing their offer of #ValueAt199 which did our tongues and pockets a huge favor.

Obviously, the digital sphere has been the ultimate medium for competitive brands face-off urging them to strive and attain better than their market rival. As the campaign #ValueAt199 rose up on the charts, fans and bloggers got all chatty and gung-ho about it.

Apart from plenty other things, the world has been divided by Domino’s and Pizza Hut fans as well and with Pizza Hut getting favored, Domino’s was dragged in the conversation too by users and opinionated bloggers.

The trend caught up eventually as a chain as customers ordered for pizzas and took up to Twitter to share their thoughts. Soon after #InvoiceOfCustomers also caught up where Twitteratis became food critics by sharing their slice of mind within 140 characters.

Dominoes VS Pizza Hut 

There fumed another Pizza war in the digital sphere, where bloggers - Guilty Bytes and Stylish by Nature drew direct comparison between both these brands which highlight various aspects of both the sides. Social Samosa takes this opportunity to dissect the differences minutely keeping in mind the description by the bloggers.

Both these brands were running neck to neck with their ordering system and delivery time by getting piping hot Pizzas on the doorstep within 30 minutes.  But Pizza Hut visually had the capability to make their consumers drool in comparison to the other, not just with the lip-smacking pizza, but even the packaging where the black box had an upper hand in contrast to the white and blue.

Toppings which carry the pizza to the winning side, Pizza Hut yet again topped in this scenario by providing ample, rich toppings.

Finally, the reason why #ValueAt199 became the talk of the social town, Pizza Hut was way easier on the pocket by oozing out all the value for their product. Though, Domino’s still gives tough competition in the pizza market, Pizza Hut takes the cake (or slice?) this time by emerging as the overall winner in the competition and on social media.

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