#SSYearbook16 Presenting the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns

Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns by Social Samosa and Blogmint is all set to dazzle the socialverse today. With 60 plus hand-picked campaigns that represent the best work across sectors – the Yearbook has a lot to offer in terms of lessons, inspiration, and acknowledgement.

An awe-inspiring foreword by the Big Daddy of the advertising, a.k.a. K V Sridhar adorns the book. Sridhar carves out the journey called Social Media in the year that went by. He spots trends and prepares us for what to expect through his words.

Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns also has power-packed guest posts from industry experts – these articles shed light on the evolving social media industry and how it impacts the business.

Some of the prominent campaigns featured in the Yearbook are – #CrashThePepsiIPL, #DoubleDholki, and #BendTheRules. Download the Yearbook and find out which campaigns made the cut and are featured in this book.