[Twitter Chat] Launching Year Book of Social Media Campaigns

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[Twitter Chat] Launching Year Book of Social Media Campaigns
Offering the best product and a few advertisements in the papers, billboards, radio, and television spots may have been the road to success back in the good old days. But with the turn of the century, traditional media has taken a back seat and social media is now the indispensable tool that a company can wield to chisel their name in the minds of consumers.

Today when every other brand is carrying out a social media campaign trying to reap the benefits, there are a number of brands squandering the vast inventory of tools on offer. How does one utilize social media to get the most out of the time and resources invested in a campaign? How does one create that one winning campaign?

Social Samosa steps away from the mundane and brings you the answer on How to Create a Winning Social Media Campaign through a Twitter Chat with Prashanth Challapalli, EVP & Digital Head, iContract.

Slated on Friday, August 05, 2016, the chat will unfold on Social Samosa’s official Twitter handle between 3 PM to 4 PM. The tweeting flurry will conclude with the launch of the much awaited Year Book of Social Media Campaigns.

The Year Book, takes a look at the path-breaking social media campaigns that adorned 2015. A book that not only marks the best work, but also gives us a reference point to learn and get inspired from.

Social media marketing has reinforced itself as a highly nuanced and intricate form of marketing. Tweet in, to carve your way towards the winning campaign and witness the unveiling of the Year Book of Social Media Campaings.

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