Twitter launches Promoted Stickers with Pepsi as their first client

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Twitter launches Promoted Stickers with Pepsi as their first client
Twitter launched Promoted Stickers - paid-for and brand specific stickers for their users; Pepsi is the first brand to wield this creative scepter to promote itself on the micro-blogging platform.

Infusing a fresh breath of creativity into the mundane and interruptive advertisements on their platform, Twitter launched brand specific Stickers after brand specific Emojis they launched last month. Like Stickers brands could also pay for Promoted Emojis.

Stickers for Twitter were announced a few months ago, and it was expected they would monetize the feature after it catches on with their users. Like hashtags, users can find and connect with others using the same Stickers as them.

Pepsi became the first company to sign up for the Promoted Stickers feature although Twitter has been reluctant in disclosing how and what it is charging for the advertising privilege.

Twitter is getting its users to promote brands by offering them a fun way to do so using Promoted Stickers to get all over the content shared on their platform.

After a series of updates aimed at boosting the number of users on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter is now working towards innovative ways to advertise to the aforementioned users.

A Snapchat specific feature, Stickers are being made use of by its competitors to improve their platform in their own unique way, it remains to be seen just how far Twitter’s way will go.

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