#TheSocialBoom: 7 easy tips to rock your eCommerce brands on social media

Swati Nathani
Sep 28, 2016 09:42 IST
#TheSocialBoom: 7 easy tips to rock your eCommerce brands on social media
As a part of #TheSocialBoom series, this article sheds light on the easy ways that brands can resort to build their ecommerce brands on social media.

Few years back when ecommerce entered market, no one would have guessed that it would become a threat for brick and mortar system. The constant evolving nature of ecommerce, hassle free shopping experience and feature of ‘Cash on delivery’ has revolutionized ecommerce platform and gave it a special place in consumers mind. With each passing day ecommerce has been trying to come up with various features to enhance consumer service experience.

Recently Amazon has come up with an amazing concept - If one buys book from Amazon, they can read the e-book till the hard copy of the book arrives. Small things like this that adds an edge over competitors.

And here go some tips, that create additional value on social media to ecommerce players:

Tip # 1 : Help rather than sell

Advertisement, pop ups and other means of luring consumers tend to garner more attention if they suggest of solving problem rather than just suggest buying one. By doing so, they cater to unsolved, non addressed problems and your product promises to resolve that issue with ease. This can be called as hint marketing where product solves an issue which we failed to recognize. Hence hint marketing needs to be paid major attention as not only it is a good way to grab consumer’s attention but also promises higher conversion rate.


e.g. For our client who are into Kids products, we try and create content which the target customers – the parents would be able to relate to, without necessarily pushing the products

Tip # 2 Jargon Advertising

India is land of languages yet there are various jargons which have evolved over period of time and are indentified unilaterally throughout India. These jargons are dear to Indian masses and create a greater appeal when used in marketing. For example a pop up suggesting ‘Get Ghar ka Khana in 30 minutes’ will have higher chances of appealing to the consumer than ‘Get home cooked hot meals in 30 minutes’


e.g. For a Life Insurance Client, we try and simplify the usual jargons related to insurance industry, for people to be able to relate to the brand more

 Tip # 3 Market study

As naïve as it sounds, but a thorough market study of product, its target consumers, their profile, demographics, monetary expenditure, their response to various methods of payments is absolutely necessary before venturing into any strategy of promoting ecommerce on social media. It will give first hand understanding of what might or might not work.

e.g. For one of our ethnic wear portals targeting NRIs, the keyword that we finally found which connected the entire NRI fraternity was actually “Pani Puri”…Reasearch helps!

Tip # 4 Mobile friendly

Ever since the arrival of smart phones people have started browsing for almost everything. Similarly they also want to do shopping on the mobile. Though mobile app is an option designed especially for the same but the site still needs to be mobile friendly for browsing purposes. So that the interest generated in the product isn’t missed out due navigation issues which are relatively larger in size as compared to app.

Tip # 5 :Highlight Reviews

In the era of internet where Google search and the ratings given by various platforms serves a benchmark in making key purchase decision, gravity of ratings cannot be ignored.  Standard rating by social media sites regarding the products and sites featuring on their page can also go long way. These ratings can be comprised from the ratings given by its users.

image003 image004

Tip # 6 : Promoting via articles

Linked article of gossip, fashion, entertainment are not uncommon on social media. But these articles are also great source of traction. Promoting products via these articles is also one of the ways to grab consumer attention. For example promoting products like jewelry range, new product launch, new technology, and new apps will never go out of fashion and will continue to remain best leveraging platforms on social media.


Tip # 7: Use Effective Social Media Plugins

Facebook specifically, and other social media channels generally have made it extremely easy for e commerce players to gap the bridge between engaging and selling. We have seen these features give a significant jump in e com conversions to our clients and totally recommend to all ecom players!

image006 image007

These are just few of the tips and tricks that can make social media friendlier to ecommerce players. Whilst every business has its own USP and strategies, the ones stated above may almost be true universally. The key, is to keep evolving and upgrading ourselves, as the world around us changes every single moment. This, by far, would be the most relevant tip

#TheSocialBoom focuses on the ecommerce wars on social media. You can read all stories under this series here. Stay tuned in for more on #TheSocialBoom.

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