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Who are we?

“Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events and Great minds discuss ideas”, an adage, claimed by Eleanor Roosevelt. Hearing the grim realities, may change us for a short span of time; who follows it, really change the world around him.

Similar was the connotation for the founders of TBI Online Pvt. Ltd.

Think Beyond Imagination is what TBI stands for. That belief in us through which we stand out. Here, we are a bunch of geeks and freaks who believes in executing, out of the box philosophy.

Technically speaking, our governing philosophy, Being Truly Social is what we deem in.

What's in the name?

Your name defines your persona. And Think Beyond Imagination, describes us and our work, in a precise yet elaborated manner.

TBI online was started with one idea among four individuals sitting in a room with limited funds. We struggled our way to grow as a team, through our conviction and commitment.

What we do?

Designing, Conceptual writing, Branding, Photography, Marketing, Film, Music, 3D, Portfolio, Script, Promotion and Development.

Are we missing on something? Our products are:

Life Unfold: A platform that confers solutions to your questions regarding health and lifestyle, through authentic write-ups and expert bytes. Visit and resolve your inquisitiveness.

Come Out Loud: An open platform for LGBTIQ community. Their crisis of sexual identities, their fight for their rights in so called ‘heteronormative society’, is openly discussed on this platform.

Why we do it?

We strive on the fundamentals of free-spirit, information and compassion for all our products. We inspire mankind to emerge out of its cocoon, unfold the unexplored realities of life and fly to the zenith of humanity.

How we evolve?

Our foresighted vision to mark our presence as the premier digital media and marketing company has helped evolve since the first day of our existence.

Social responsibility in social media

Understanding the requisites and the needs of the social media, the incredible ideas of three products, self-explain our responsibility towards it. We provide a holistic environment that is beyond imagination, alive with information and entertainment in the Digital space.

We promise to make everyone’s life easy through our endeavors and transform the chaos into order.

Need of the hour

“Most creative work is a process of people passing ideas and inspirations from the past into the future and adding their own creativity along the way.”

We learned the hard way

You cannot afford to sail in a competitive world; you have to win every race. Let your competitors know your importance and exhibit, what you do.

Our morals and ethics are the foundation of our reflection. We transform lives by realizing the goals that benefits the society. Our principles drive us towards the diversification, development and brilliance.

Did we just share that?

A general paradigm, if you are determined enough; you find a way to achieve it. Hence, we have emerged to redefine the word, MEDIA.

They work with us

The brands, who have embarked their journey with a remarkable achievements are the ones we work with.

Mankind: Adiction, Unwanted21 Days, Kaloree 1, AcneStar, Gas-O-Fast; CDR Punjab Royals, NDTV, Max Healthcare, Fortis Healthcare, Kamla Pasand, The Body Shop, Indraprasath Apollo, Radisson Blu Haridwar, VLCC and so on.

Industry as we foresee

Poised for a greater growth in the foreseeable future, online media hold a bright future. Like the rest of the world, India too is contended with the rising demand for digital experience.

A day without Internet

Being an online media industry, we cannot afford to work without Google Baba, even for a single day!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, geeks and freaks just like us!

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