Axis Bank told us the untold through #PortraitsOfIndia

Shining some light within the dark world- some professions have stayed concealed from the hyped mainstream media, the ideology of romanticism and marginalized from the habitual, it’s time to talk about them on this Independence Day.  Taking moment marketing upwards keeping them in mind, Axis Bank blending this notion aptly on the occasion of August 15th they introduced us to the #PortaitsOfIndia.

The real #PortraitsOfIndia

It’s not the boundaries that make a country; it’s the people who do and having said that, the BFSI brand became the mediator and brought to life some rousing tales of such individuals which deserved to be heard especially on the occasion of Independence Day when the country celebrates patriotism and the torchbearers.  Keeping the channel digital, Axis Bank reached out to their 3,254,632 followers and more through to share the stories of some uniformed men who have selflessly served the nation and have taken the intricate path with grit to reach to this position.

Leveraging on the simplistic Facebook features, the brand sheds light on the entire community through these voices outlining the real world through these tales.

They introduced the world to Rajiv Jain, Chief Commandment of SRPF, Navi Mumbai (I.P.S), having a dream of becoming an IPS officer since the age of 5, he fulfilled his dreams but that wasn’t the end of it, the real journey had then begun which changed his perspective towards patriotism, and as he says, “That’s when I understood what it means to serve the nation. And it’s not just us in the defense and armed forces who can do so; you can be in any profession and still build the nation if you’re invested in it.”

Next the brand told us about Ajay Kashyap who joined the Indian Police Service back in 1985 and after serving 30 years in the force he has found public serving extremely fulfilling. He describes his job profile which requires interaction and association with everyone right from the public to the Government and media and he has undergone instances which made him feel that success are often unsung and missteps always sensationalized! According to Kashyap, improving police service delivery, ensuring high sense of accountability and integrity in the police organization remain the foremost responsibilities of all Indian Police Service officers.

Yogesh Tanwar, Sub-Inspector – Delhi Police was the third individual who’s story was narrated by the brand where he simply puts everything into perspective saying, “Being in the police means you’re at work 24*7, 365 days a year. And when you are doing this for the country, the last thing you’d want is for its people to be afraid of you.” The man who believes in addressing every issue, despite its stature put across his life to us, which was nothing but inspirational.

These tales, goes way beyond these individuals, giving us a diverse perception towards the everyday lives of these officers in uniform by celebrating these profiles on the occasional of Independence Day, which, lets be honest is way more apt and heartfelt for them as compared to us.

Topical marketing through #PortraitsOfIndia

Digital content is evolving; the way it is shaped, delivered or even received is all transforming timely. Swamped with content every moment on our screens, we tend to skim over the most and that’s primarily because today we crave for instantaneous gratification, content that directs our thinking or offers something immediately that showcases the brands agility and creativity.

The topical marketing of #PortraitsOfIndia is absolutely commendable because of the content produced by the brand and moreover its placement in the digital space, which basically is the underline of topical campaigns. Though, social media was flooded with patriotic campaigns, this brand chose to carve out a campaign around real-life stories told first-hand, which definitely had a deeper impact.

The philosophy behind this campaign was progress and in a rather majestic manner they have helped us progress.  The final product looks polished, as the content reflects clarity and a straightforward idea and motive behind it, making it of utmost relevance on this occasion.

Production of topical content not only manages to garner more traction but also creates an impression that the brand is right on the ball, which exactly fell in place for the brand.

Social media buzz

Around Independence Day when the country was rejoicing its long vacation and social media oozing with patriotism, Axis Bank found a break to fetch some inspirational chunks from the daily stories and put it out in the open which in fact received immense social media love.

All three tales received around 25k to 45k reactions, with people generously sharing their thoughts and gratitude towards these men through comments.

Through this initiative and great topical marketing, the brand through minimalism puts across the hard-hitting tales of overlooked lives through raw, unfiltered content which deserves to be celebrated, not just on Independence Day, but every day for that matter.