[Case Study] IFFCO creates awareness around farmers' plight through #HamaraKisan

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[Case Study] IFFCO creates awareness around farmers' plight through #HamaraKisan

Brand - Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Limited IFFCO

Agency - Eyebridge Soft Solutions

Farmers sow, nurture, and toil in order to grow food for the country without taking a single leave but are never acknowledged for their hard work, and IFFCO decided to express gratitude and spread awareness about the same.


The objective of the campaign was to enlighten urban citizens about farmers’ hard work and encourage them to acknowledge, and pay their respect and convey their love to them with #HamaraKisan.

iffco media 1


#HamaraKisan campaign tried to bring about a change in perception with an initiative to build an emotional connect with Farmers. The campaign was initiated with few teasers to make city dwellers acknowledge the hard work done by farmers.

iffco media 2

iffco media 3

The teasers were aimed at engaging the audience and IFFCO attracted attention on Facebook & Twitter with its help for the main campaign on 14th August 2016, taking advantage of the Independence Day event leveraging the mood of patriotism in the country.

iffco contest

It was focused on the long lost respect for farmers amongst city dwellers and tried to renew it with a contest where the user had to upload a picture, caption with it #HamaraKisan and win exciting souvenirs as contests are instrumental for maximum user engagement on social media.

The campaign was supported by a microsite that explained the cause along with other initiatives by IFFCO making it easier for users to participate.


iffco website

The landing page was available in Hindi in order to simplify and maximize the reach of the campaign among the population of India. IFFCO also organized an on-ground activity for the campaign #HamaraKisan at Great India Place Mall in Noida attracting crowd in huge numbers with an innovative photo booth where people could click a picture wearing a farmer’s attire.

iffco ground

The campaign was covered by Radio Mirchi which further produced awareness around the campaign and the cause.


The campaign racked up impressive numbers as it managed to reach out to 21,56,219 people all over India and engaged a huge audience of 74,254 users on Facebook & Twitter.

iffco tweet

On Twitter, the campaign garnered more than 600 retweets and more than 1000 mentions were registered on Facebook.

iffco fb mentiosn

iffco tweet 2

#HamaraKisan succeeded at getting the word out about the farmer’s cause and raised awareness of their hard work and plight among the social media users and urban population.

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