[Case study] India First Life Insurance urges users to listen to the #VoiceOfEnviornment


IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd


Team Pumpkin

Environment is one of the most impending issues that needs everyone’s attention. All of us know the threat that the environment has and how adversely it can affect complete civilization. Problem is, most us are aware about the issue but are doing nothing about it.

Therefore, the need to become the voice of environment and create a campaign that reminds people to do their bit for the environment.


The idea was to inspire change in values and behavior and the primary aim of the campaign was to sensitise people around the concerns related to environment and strive towards a greener and better tomorrow


For the initiative India First tied-up with GrowTrees an organization devoted to make a significant impact on the environment by creating a culture of planting trees and greeting with trees. Thistle-up helped India First to amplify the cause and launch a campaign #VoiceOfEnviornment on Facebook and Twitter on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

India First Life launched the campaign on June 3rd, 2016 with a series of informative posts explaining how small changes in once lifestyle can make a difference to the environment.

The content demonstrated all around concern for ecological degradation and urged people to listen to the “#VoiceOfEnvironment”.

To further engage with the audience India First exhibited a video, calling for viewers to create a better environment.

The brand asked people to become the #VoiceOfEnvironment and tell the world how they would contribute to create a sustainable greener environment. For all the unique answers India First promised to plant a tree.


Within 2 days the video had accrued more than 8,300 unique views with an estimated reach of 50,600. It also opened up a huge amount of debate with many people commenting on facebook and Twitter.

The campaign received 250 aggregated shares on Facebook and Twitter. Out of all the entries received India First selected 55 best responses on both Facebook and Twitter. Each of the winners was given an e-certificate & India First planted saplings along with Grow Trees on their behalf.

India First to further post pictures of trees being planted & e-certificates issued to winners on social media.

The brand managed to connect with the audience on a global issue, thus creating a strong bond.