[Case Study] Kokuyo Camlin rides on Rio ferver with #PencilRace

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Kokuyo Camlin


Big I Tuna

Kokuyo Camlin, the popular stationery manufacturer, decided to leverage the popularity of the trending Rio Olympics to promote their product with a social media race.


Kokuyo Camlin decided to promote their brand of mechanical pencils that offer a faster writing experience with #PencilRace, leveraging the popularity of the Rio Olympics.


Partnering with Big I Tuna, Camlin devised a social media activity in the form of an Olympic track race as faster writing experience is what their product offers.

They created four city specific hashtags for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, organizing a virtual race amongst users from the said cities.

Each city was assigned a special hashtag - #MumbaiSprinters, #DelhiJets, #KolkataRockets, and BengaluruNinjas as competing teams for a virtual race on Twitter.

Social media users had to participate in the race by tweeting using #PencilRace and the hashtag for their city to power their team’s mechanical pencil to the finish line. The idea behind the activity was, the more tweets a team receives, the further their mechanical pencil gets on the race track.


Just like the Rio Olympics, #PencilRace was a notable success as it resulted in more than 47k tweets using the hashtag #PencilRace. Of the 47k hashtags, 30% were from the Mumbai team, #MumbaiSprinters who won the contest.

Kokuyo Camlin’s Twitter handle witnessed a meteoric rise in the number of followers with a 148% overall increase.

User engagement was high and creating city specific teams resulted in a lot of competitive tweeting, which benefited Camlin greatly on social media.

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