[Infographic] A concise handbook on Snapchat advertising


Unless you’re living in a social media free parallel universe, the virality of the ephemeral app cannot be neglected, especially when it has taken the market by storm and glued its sweet spot in every 20 something’s smartphone.  Stepping into the market humbly back in 2011, today Snapchat contributes majorly in the digital marketing scene, giving a tiff to social media giants.

A fertile podium with millions of active users around the globe leveraging on the app, it has become essential for brands to generate content suitable for this particular genre. If we are to say, with the transient feature, various kinds of filters, discover channels, lenses, and its intimate nature, this platform is an ultimate gold-mine for brands.

As Snapchat announced the upcoming launch of a new type of advertisement, called “Snap Ads,” this infographic curates a list of advertisements tips for all those looking to dive into Snapchat advertising.

snapchat infographic

Snapchat is currently on a high and surprisingly one of the least explored arenas.

This infographic was first published on Mediakix.