[Infographic] What went around digitally during the Lakme Fashion Week 2016 finale

Lakme Fashion Week 2016

According to data by PropheSee Lakme Fashion Week finale garnered 26, 466 mentions on Twitter and Instagram. Take a look at the data to find out how the glamourous event stirred social media.

A nest for the fashion flocks, the glitzy gala ignited the sanity of fashionistas by displaying sheer unprecedented style and oozing the ramp with dramatic embellished fabrics wrapped around beauties from Bollywood and the stunning models. Glitter, elegance filled with oomph is exactly what went behind the Lakme Fashion Week of 2016.

An intact week devoted to designers was overpowered by glamour which gauged equal attention on and off the ramp. Off the ramp, it was the digital world that could barely stop gushing about the chic chaos of the fashion week. With so much to converse about right from outfits, designers, models, celebrities to all that bling, this affair was anything but mediocre. In the digital era, we handle such situations by snapping, filtering, posting, sharing or tweeting about it. Thank god for social media that forbade us from missing even a single print or patch.

Amongst the enthusiasm, PropheSee brings to you the outcome of the Lakme Fashion Week 2016, nudging at everything that sparkled the brightest on the social media.

lakme 1

This article was first published by Ishaan Sethi on LinkedIn Pulse.