[Campaign Review] Mia by Tanishq reinforces power of working women with #BestAtWork

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Write down 5 reasons why men are better than woman in professional scenarios. Once you’re done, crumple that list and fling it in the garbage, because well, the potential of no women is lesser than a bloke and the world has been spectator of wonders in genres by this gender. Tied down by the lopsided gender revolution, the societal view towards femininity is stagnant and to whirl up this thought, jewelry brand Tanishq has embarked upon this path, dedicating an entire collection for working women.

Beyond genders, just #BestAtWork  

Most giant brands have barged into the brains and comprehended the way their audiences respond by identifying that connect. As we believe and so will you, for the typical Indian audience striking on to their emotions is the catalyst to attention. If we look back, history of digital campaigns is ruled by such content hooks.

Yet again, Tanishq gives a voice to the silent scuffle of working women against the opinionated mouths. The 3 minute long film is underlined by mere three, much relatable echoes of the society,“Look at that dress, I wonder why she dresses like a slut”, “Why do you need to work after marriage beta, he earns well enough for both of you?”, “We all know how SHE got promotion.”

Bringing out the superpower essence of this gender, conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, this digital film portrays the workplace negative instances of six different lives across varied professions, yet they are unstoppable and just concerned about bringing the #BestToWork. Through this film, the strong-headed women not only churn out the best at their work but also carry their outfits with utmost grace.

Ingeniously glimpsing their jewelry product fashioned by these working women, this face-paced video encapsulates these juggles of lives between personal and professional through rhyming verses. The video within 3 minutes puts six lives in a single frame to showcase the variety of professions a female can fit in, thus strengthening the crux of their own content.

This campaign does not simply sermonize that the society must evolve its views towards women as professionals, in fact the content marketing of this film has gone a step further by placing women at such high pedestals, clearly implying that women are already firm and this time there’s no stopping them.

Three influential individuals came together to launch a film that rejoices the triumph of the modern working woman. Virginia Sharma (Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India), Sairee Chahal (Entrepreneur and Founder at SHEROES) and Nandita Das (Actor and Director) unveiled film by work-wear jewellery brand Mia by Tanishq across digital portals.

Directed towards the white-collared crowd, breaking the monotonous cultural stereotypes, the brand thus placed itself as elite in the market, catering to the same crowd. Though, if the brand tookit  upon themselves to influence against such a massive societal drawback, it should have included probably the cries of the lower strata women, who too manage to work under such pressure.

Revolutionising jewelryin India

Ideally, we belong to a culture which has been ardently affectionate of these precious stones, passed on by ancestors. We are also of the same breed which strongly believes how heaps of jewelry is the mark of wealth and is bounded by most of our history too. Usually branded to the world for the country’s traditionally designed cuts and styles, jewelry in India is typical.

Mia by Tanishq was launched in 2011 and has been  revolutionizing this thought, massively revamping its brand. As we know, jewelry is usually defined by women and grasping the love of jewelry in the hearts of desi women, the brand is putting out a minimalistic and modern range.

Yes, to put it out openly, now women will be buying jewelries to wear them apart from wedding ceremonies or religious functions.

Social influence through #BestAtWork

This new branch already has embarked upon is social media journey earning 41, 290 fans on Facebook till date, 118 followers on Twitter ever since its debut in May 2016. To gather more of such inspirational tales, the brand introduced a sophisticated microsite.

The campaign has managed to garner 765k views, 14k reactions, and almost 7k shares on Facebook thus commencing its journey through this digital campaign. The brand also got people tweeting in favor of it, becoming somewhat a sensation on social media. We appreciate the efforts of the brand to draft a personalized reply for all those brilliant Twitter reaction, thus keeping an utmost intimate, informal interaction.

Though, the traditional designs are here to stay, we believe this campaign maintained an enticing content hook for the ambitious and the jewelry loving female who would buy two sets for personal and professional use, thus acquiring the necessities of changing societal scenarios. Well, in today’s day, it’s almost all of us.

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