Social Samosa Tool Review – PropheSee

As a part of our Tool Review series, Social Samosa brings to you a breakdown of PropheSee, an analytics platform established in 2014. The tool primarily focusses on improving efficiency of omni-channel marketing analytics to strengthen the crux of a business.

In the first look PropheSee boasts of a user friendly dashboard which sports four main high impact features – Monitor, Analyse, Report, and Publish. The platform covers over 25 digital channels, including social media platforms, Ad analytics on Facebook & Instagram, Press Pick Up, Organic User interest and several niche channels such as Review Based metrics (Zomato, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic etc.), Email campaigns, App analytics, Google Analytics and more automations added every month. PropheSee recently incorporated Snapchat in their offering.


As opposed to other platforms, that normally offer platform centric analytics, PropheSee helps brands make sense of the holistic insights across platforms & also tracks competition and benchmarks to provide users with the most comprehensive view of where they lie.

What might work on Facebook, might not get enough traction on Twitter and an altogether different thing might work on Instagram, or what kind activity can one undertake on Facebook and Twitter that may lead to higher email open rates for a brand. PropheSee’s intuitive dashboard helps connect these dots and come up with tailored solutions and insights for the same.



The monitor section gives a precise snapshot of data from platforms connected with the tool – essentially all your brand owned communication is aggregated into one platform so you can easily view & analyze everything. The data gives an overview of crucial statistics such as views, sentiment, impressions, and reach; it offers a comprehensive view of what worked in a given period of time, what requires improvement, and what should be the next move.

It even includes predictive analytics that can help you determine if your posts will hit a certain target engagement in a given out of time so you can take better informed decisions into your boosting strategy and content optimization.


Users further have the option to set up Brand Streams, this feature lets them keep a tab on their competitor brands and the communication/content they share across digital. It could be a single brand or the user could create sets of multiple competitors. The keyword filter allows users to filter content specific to certain terms or get alerts if these brands mention any of the terms in the future. For example, if you may want to get an alert when Amazon starts mentioning “Black Friday” and so on. There is also the option of selection multiple keywords, hashtags or users/profiles.

Going beyond tracking these statistics, PropheSee offers Social Media Search or the Trend Analysis – this feature lets the user search social platforms through trending hashtags, topics, and phrases – it picks up on content shared across the different social media, blog related & other channels PropheSee tracks. True to it’s core in analytics, this section also furnishes insights into which platforms the hashtag or keyword is picking up traction on (for ex. Should you focus on FB, Twitter or Instagram etc.), along with suggested hashtags & keywords for you to use that are likely to maximize your share of voice. Users can track how a hashtag is performing on a particular platform and what is the sentiment around it. PropheSee plans to incorporate tone analysis soon.


Users can also set up the Leaderboard to keep a track of how they’re performing in comparison to their competition brands.

Twitter mentions in the Monitor section will let users do real time tracking, sort mentions, understand their sentiment, tone, and how to deal with it. Additionally, you can respond to these mentions from PropheSee directly. PropheSee also maintains a historical archive of your mentions so you can go back in time and check out what drove your mentions on a particular date.


This is the section which offers in-depth platform-wise data in terms of engagement, content, audience and via a vis competitive performance.

For Snapchat, the platform gives data on number of stories, snaps, estimate followers, views on each snap and story, screenshots taken by users, most active day, least active day, and a lot more including completion rates (how many users have viewed all the Snaps in your Story etc.)

It further gives qualitative data on how many users reached from the first snap to the last snap.Insights on posting habits of these users can also be tracked. Data like how many followers increased, who are your most active followers and most engaging followers.


The best bit of Snapchat analytics is that it offers a library of everything a brand has posted, which works really well given the disappearing content that the app sports.

PropheSee has a feature called Link tracking that analyses any link on the World Wide Web – if a publisher needs to check how their competitor’s post is performing, this feature would offer its views, shares, and clicks. It will also give you the details about the link in terms of geographies (where users who clicked on it came from – helps in your targeting strategy) as well as referrers.

Additionally, PropheSee’s Promoted Post Detection (henceforth, PPD) feature is the only one provides details into the estimated budget invested on promoting social content with the likely reach garnered from the same.

With a complete Google Analytics integration, the platform also maps ROI metrics so you constantly know what users are doing when they move to your site from various marketing channels.

PropheSee has a Benchmarking and Grading mechanism – the former helps you set a benchmark, it could be a previous campaign done by you or a competitor, giving you a clear idea of where you want to reach. Further, the platform grades your work basis the history of your data and the competitors you choose & provides personalized insights that are likely to improve your performance.


Aesthetically enhanced and in-depth reports are one of the strength points of the platform –campaign tracking, promoted post detection, audience report, engagement report, page performance, content performance, and best time to post among others.

With each insight, PropheSee offers a larger perspective with self-correction measures. The data gives a holistic view of how your social media & other marketing channels are performing in correlation with each other; users can also get a comparative analysis of how their content or initiative is performing in comparison to their competitor.

PropheSee also gives the options of link tracking and engagement prediction, the latter lets you set engagement targets and find out if their content is likely to reach that point. It is one of the best ways to track competitor posts.


Additionally, the campaign tracking feature offers cross platform analytics which gives a precise idea of how your initiative is performing; PropheSee also takes into account Google Analytics – the combined data gives an idea of the sentiments, geographic breakdown of mentions, conversations by channels and press pickup and the sentiment around it. Campaign tracking can be used to track your or any other brand’s campaigns across social & other digital channels.

What stands out?

The creating benchmark option which has a grading mechanism, proprietary only to them. It helps brands understand where they stand, they can also create benchmarks in a manner to get a true idea of where they are in reference with their competitor. This greatly enhances the intelligence the tool can provide vis a vis others out there.

PropheSee is pandigital and truly omni channel, giving their users centralized control of everything they should be looking at, in a de-noised, clean & insightful manner. This also allows them to provide insights & cross channel reports & correlations that other niche platforms cannot.

The personal insights on automated data further helps brand in improving their grading, thus providing a seamless solution. The data analysis further uses grading methodologies that benchmark the user’s performance against their competitors and offers personalized insights for optimising performance.
All in all, PropheSee helps users put their data in perspective and take corrective measures which works the best.

Affordability. The platform has a free plan, with paid plans starting at USD 99 per month which incorporates 9 channels for you to work with. It’s a great platform for brands & influencers operating on multiple digital channels.