#UriAttack: A Twitter timeline of how the event unfolded

The country was yet again shaken when seventeen uniformed soldiers were martyred when four Jaish-e-Mohammad fidayeens attacked an Indian Army camp. At the crack of this news, Indians lost their calm and what not? Social media could foresee Indian unison against terror and not much to our surprise soon Twitter became the refuge of powerful sentiments, rants against Pakistan sternly loathing their activities, clearly the patience was losing.

Social Samosa lays out the entire timeline that blatantly echoed the emotions of netizens, yearning for justice all over Twitter, enveloped within series of hashtags.

Post the #UriAttack

Ever since the partition, the cursed land of Kashmir has been a massive stuck up in the tug of war between both the countries. The Kashmir conflict on the surface might be a war of territories but hidden deep below are the layers of pride, religion, and a bone of contention.

The recent attack at Uri in Kashmir was followed by #UriAttacks which took its spot on the number one position on the trending charts on September 19, sympathizing at the same time agitated by the attacks.

The in-house politics

This was not the end of it, in fact, it was just the beginning. Condemning Pakistan for their attack did not seem enough compared to the damage, simultaneously sardonic #KashModiJiPMHote was picked up by the trend list, digging down statements made by PM Narendra Modi when he was in the opposition.

On September 20, Twitter had not silenced where they called out to their leader to retaliate with strength as #WakeUpModi kept trending the entire day

Home Minister Rajnath Singh was too dragged in the conversation, with similar intentions of urging him to take action. Along with the Ministers, RSS was pulled in the thread, questioning their patriotism at the need of the hour.

Hatred thrown at Pakistan

The BJP national general secretary posted on Facebook, “The PM has promised that those behind the Uri terror attack will not go unpunished. That should be the way forward. For one tooth, the complete jaw. Days of so-called strategic restraint are over.”

Pakistan was generously despised for their ceaseless hostilities over the period with the majority clearly in support of war against them once and for all, #EndRelationWithPak and #UnitedAgainstPak were two hashtags that found itself trending, supported by various tweets of public figures and celebrities.

The conversations ranged from initiating war to occupying susceptible Pakistani posts all along the LoC to using the covert assets to aim the leaders of terror groups nurturing on the soil of Pakistan.