[Case study] Ganesh Housing visual storytelling for conversions

Ganesh Housing


Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd.



The history of marketing in the Real Estate sector has been a relatively grey area and to explore the dearth of possibilities of intelligent marketing in the housing sector an innovative campaign was churned out.


The brand’s objective was to boost Site visits for Malabar county-1 and 2 and get conversions. Their idea was to expand their existing customer base, by engaging in a new way.


Ganesh Housing launched their (Location Pricing and Value) LPV enables homes way back in 2014. But the challenge was continuing with the idea throughout the years. So two years later, when they had to reinvent the same set of inventory they came up with something dramatic like The Great Indian Home Buying Story.

Digital advertising is all about engagement with your audience at the right time with the right set of communication and with The Great Indian Home Buying story they attempted to do that.

The Great Indian Home Buying story talks about the several worries that delude the audience’s mind before buying a home. Introducing Mr and Mrs. Lal, Pal and Val, who represented the three core selling points of Malabar County which is location, planning and value for price.

These three different couples come from three different background and they are all prospective customers of Ganesh Housing’s Malabar County. They started off by introducing the story of Mr. and Mrs Lal as the ‘commuting couple’, where Mr. Lal was a Business Developer and Mrs. Lal was an Event Manager. Both in a travelling intensive job, thus they needed a home which provided superior connectivity and was situated in a prime location.

The agency told the story of these couples through colorful comic strips, backed with funny anecdotes. The Mr. and Mrs. Val comic strip was followed by the Pal families, where the man of the house Mr. Pal was a skeptical architect and his wife an insurance adviser. For the hard to please Mr. Pal, the planning of his new home is one of the top priorities.

These comic strips wove wonderful stories between the couples where the core pain points of the customers were addressed.

“We wanted to connect to our audience on a personal level. Thus with The Great Indian Home Buying Story – Season 1, we were focusing on the buyer’s perspective. Through the comic strip we wanted to tell our buyers that we are aware of the questions that trouble them, and our homes are designed with solutions,” shared the Creative Director of INIT Design Studio, Khantil Mehta.

To make matters more entertaining an engaging The Great Indian Home Buying Story backed all their stories with animated films which farther brightened the brands positioning amongst the minds of their audience.

The agency even plans to extend their digital outreach campaign of The Great Indian Home Buying Story with Season 2 which will tell the story of a different target group. Ganesh Housing won the stakes with their unique approach at real estate advertising.


During this face they saw organic reach increasing for our SMM reach by 60%. Engagement was high by 40% to previous best high.

They were able to generate 800 Quality leads out of which 30 Converted in site visits in a span of 25 Days.

The brand used visual storytelling to make a case for their consumers.