[Case study] Star Gold’s #PappaKoPatao creates engagement for Houseful 3 premiere

[Case study] Star Gold's #PappaKoPatao creates engagement for Houseful 3 premiere


Star Gold


Social Kinnect


The objective of this campaign was to garner optimum viewership for the World TV Premiere of Housefull 3 with digital communication which integrated interesting offline engagement.


Star Gold kick started the campaign with a unique approach that emulated the plot of the movie called #PapakoPatao.

This not only created intrigue amongst the audience but also acted as generic talking point for which they not only created a stir about the movie and its characters, but also motivated them to participate in the campaign.

Having introduced the campaign called #PappaKoPatao, to create enough buzz around it to generate an instant connect of the movie Housefull 3.

Next aspect was to drive engagement. A series of engaging posts for the #PappaKoPatao campaign made sure Star Gold kept their audience hooked on to our objective. The updates around the campaign were specifically designed to thrill the audience and build better engagement.

This social media campaign was certainly led by the choice of content pegs that were designed to make this activity lively and engaging. One such activity involved the VoxPop hosted by the Being Indian icon Sahil Khattar, who went around the streets of Mumbai asking people how they’d Patao their Pappa. While the on field response to the funnyman Khattar was hilarious and stimulating, the VoxPop video shared on social media raked in a lot of reactions and conversations from the brand’s social media audience.

Once the connect was established and the recall value generated, there was a need for stronger engagement with our audiences.

The introduction to the #PappaKoPatao contest was announced by Chunky Pandey via a video byte that introduced the audience to the contest idea. Chunky was chosen as he could have given this contest an exciting launch wherein people would share tips on how they would impress their father-in-laws. The brand also ran a TV aston which encouraged more audience to take to social media and send in creative and quirky answers.

Another take on the campaign which helped the brand connect with their audiences on a personal level was the most interesting one- The Pappa Ko Patao Kit

The brand team had created #PappaKoPatao Kits which we sent as gratification to the contest winners which included basic men’s grooming products along with helpful grooming tips for the ‘damaads’ (son-in-laws). Each product made sure the young man was ready to ‘patao’ the Pappa on all fronts.

On the big premiere day, the brand uploaded a greeting card with amusing invitations from the Pappa, where they invited people to stay glued for the hilarious attempts of pataoing by the damaads

Among the other content pegs they introduced for the campaign with the ‘Pappa Rule Book’ which featured some fun rules that a damaad should stick to, to be in his father-in-laws good books. This was used to engage with influencers and activated by Fan Clubs to get a massive reach. They were gratifications for all the participants of the contest.


From a reach standpoint their messaging got a reach of around 7 Million. Collectively about 70,000 likes, comments and shares on Facebook posts. The campaign also received over 1500 user engagements on Twitter directly for this campaign. Close to 1.7 Billion Facebook Video views for content around the campaign.

The VoxPop video itself got close to around 700 Million Views on this video while the video with Chunky Pandey received a billion views.

The digital strategy that was conceptualized by Social Kinnect, which was later on innovatively adapted for its offline marketing campaign too. With #PappaKoPatao, Social Kinnect managed to create buzz around the premiere of Houseful 3.