The e-commerce boom on social media – #ItneKumMein

Comprehending the current digital scenario, the onset of Diwali won’t be ticked off by the crackling of fireworks but the delivery boy knocking on the door. As the e-commerce brands have overpowered the social-verse, Shop Clues too has joined the bandwagon as they exclaim #ItneKumMein and we explore the campaign under our series, #TheSocialBoom.

When it comes to e-commerce brands promoting themselves on social media, they all want to say the same thing, eventually it all comes down to how they say it.

ShopClues Diwali buzz

With consumers turning to social media for decisions for recommendations, the consumption of Indian market largely depends on emotions and e-commerce brands seem to have clinched to that thought.

At one glance, the campaign, #ItneKumMein is based entirely on topical marketing out in the field right with the giants Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and ebay.

Dominated by GIFs, illustrations, contests, and conversational social media copies, the campaign was smeared all over their social media page talking extensively about it.

Firstly, the brand produced a short video pinned on their Facebook handle with their content focusing on direct marketing towards their sale. Driving the campaign on the emotion of surprise, the brand aims to put out the same emotion to delight their audience of the low prices offered by their portal thus urging the traffic in their direction.

Not fixating their entire focus on a single scripted video or leveraging on a social media feature, the campaign looks uncomplicated and takes the route of direct marketing for their Facebook audience of 2,876,456.

On Twitter, the brand shared the same content and even ran an hourly countdown on September 30 for the sale being held from October 1 to 10. Through their campaign, the brand did not just urge the traffic through their content but gave a glimpse of their low prices through their creatives and GIFs shared on all their social media.

Social media buzz

As we mentioned above, their Twitter and Facebook pages were entirely speaking of the campaign although their Instagram page was not at all active.

On their pinned video, they received 1.8k reactions and a decent traction on their GIFs and illustrations as well. Although with the high traffic of e-commerce brands racing to garner attention, ShopClues seems to have be lagging in its attempt to produce a remarkable content in comparison to other brands of the same genre.

It’s an established fact that Diwali seems to be the holy ground for e-commerce brands to flourish and gauge attention, despite that the brand’s effort somewhere lacked to get noticed on this platform.

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