[Strategy Review] Oreo’s social media dunk


The cookie crumbles are sprinkled generously throughout the social-verse. Graciously adapting the non-listed terms and conditions of these platforms, embracing imagination and driving playfulness, Milk’s favorite cookie and probably yours as well, Oreo has distinguished its digital identity and how. Having a story to comprehensively narrate through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat we unleash their dunking on social media and see how the wonder-filled tale goes!

Already ruling over one sense, through their social media handles the brand attempts to lure the rest of our senses thus taking its brand’s value high in the market. Social Samosa introspects to crack the social story between the Oreo cookie of what goes around the social world.


Lets start with the social media giant, having 42,464,511 followers the brand with a solid blue color and hints of white has managed to build a brand re-call. The result of their Facebook is basically- a product so distinct in its appearance and brand so firm on its agenda of propagating playfulness blended with heaps of imagination.

Leveraging on modern video features of stop-motion, building their secular social page that lucratively highlights bits and pieces varied geographies and their festivities celebrated at large, the brand has always managed to stay consistent in its approach and distinguished with its content marketing.

The page has set up beautifully for their community to share content about their single product with multiple activities and campaigns surrounded by it. Though most of the content is promotional, but the emphasis for this brand is more on how they do it rather what they do.

Their voice does not dither across platforms, but have concise social copies with a hint of humor and light-hearted attitude, rarely finishing with exclamations or exaggerations. More than often, the brand’s content is put across by photos or videos, thus allowing the media to speak for itself.

To reaffirm their playfulness, the brand flourished a campaign titled #PlayWithOreo by introducing a microsite for the same, where they gave an Oreo-touch to all the regular games we play like snooker, tic tac toe or as the good old pacman.

To describe their Facebook content in one line, I’d say, they produce content you wouldn’t want to scroll through. Now that’s the biggest compliment a brand could get and Oreo has cracked the code to create engagement.

Having one product on its plate, keeping that as a protagonist always, the brand has still not lagged behind in frequency of their engagement or creativity in their content creation, which is extremely commendable.

Oreo through their page not only promotes their cookie, but has gone a step ahead by introducing recipes including Oreo has an ingredient or side.

Although, the brand has built its appearance for their audience, most content on their page is restricted that cannot be shared by everyone.

To support their playfulness further, the brand created vibrant animated, matured content to represent their brand. Remarkable in their execution and content creation, Oreo’s social media strategies can be an ideal case study for fellow brands to gain knowledge on establishing their brands on social media.

Recently, after depicting the emotions behind playfulness, Oreo took upon building imagination of their viewers along with their visual representation. The brand portrayed various scenarios through their cookie rolling on the frame, filled our minds through imagination.

Speaking volumes through their content, Oreo has adapted a distinct way to put across their message to the audience by mostly creating visually pleasing vivacious videos.

Creating a jolly image of itself on Facebook, Oreo establishes itself without leveraging on too many fussy features of 360 degree, carousel or more and rather staying simple yet innovative, topical and majorly driving engagement through their content marketing.


As their bio reads, ‘Your favorite cookie, filling your world with wonders 140 characters at a time. This line is the first cue to their distinct identification of another platform. Oreo though at large has a parent handle on Twitter, it caters to varied geographies speaking native languages and creating sharable content for their diverse audience.

A quick glance at their Twitter website is enough to differentiate their content for TVCs from their production specifically for social media.

Oreo even gave away exclusive ‘Thinvitation’ offer codes to their Instagram and Twitter followers looking to try their new product of thin Oreo.

Maintaining similar content as that of Facebook, Twitter is distinguished only by its concise, interactive and very conversational tone. Yet again following the same method of letting their content do the talking, staying within the simplicity of GIFs, bright hued videos and photos, the content is delivered without using too many features, polls or contests by Oreo.

Being the first ones to introduce the world with real-time marketing during the Super Bowl blackout back in 2013, when there was a power outrage during the game and Oreo took advantage of this situation and shared a tweet.
Generalizing the content for a global audience, their content on Twitter too is rapid to consume and sincerely entertaining.


Building an empire through visuals tapping on to imagination and sailing their audience through aesthetics is the primary content strategy of Oreo. The page that glitters of sophistication like a matured blog of 2 million followers is bridging the gap between geographies through vibrant content dissemination.

Oreo followed a pattern wherein their photos with solid colored backgrounds had imagination laid on it gracefully. Photographed by professionals, they took their Instagram strategy very seriously.

It’s a slam dunk! And the crowd goes cookie!

A video posted by OREO (@oreo) on

The brand honestly justifies entirely the saying , ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ wherein their bio here is also distinguished which says, ‘See the world through our OREO Wonderfilled lens,’ truly staying by their word, the brand teleports their audience to another Oreo world.

This summer, keep your essentials afloat. #OreoDunkie

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No surprises here. #recentlyusedemoji

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By far, one the best brand pages, Oreo entirely wins their audience by not just creating spot on content but managing incredible engagement through their page. Oreo leveraged its FMCG nature by creating content through DIY recipe using Oreo. 

It’s not what we’re baking, but who we’re baking for. #MothersDay #Oreo

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Overall, their Instagram handle is a complete package, satisfying the needs of their followers scrolling through their page.


More than often, the content posted on YouTube is redirected on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter page. But on YouTube, Oreo has categorized their content for varied campaigns and introduction of their new products.

oreo 1

To elaborate, under Oreo Wonder Vault there were videos, few under Oreo thins, another category titled Open Up with Oreo, the brand also had three videos for S’mores flavoured Oreo cookies their comprehensive campaign #PlayWithOreo had a couple of animated videos and few to introduce their new Red Velvet flavored oreo.

The brand methodically arranged their videos; they even created a playlist dedicated to varied countries like Oreo Japan, Oreo Vietnam, Oreo Italia, and Oreo Turkey so on.


Its not often that we see brands leveraging the beauty of Pinterest. A platform still under-explored has a lot to offer when it comes to creativity.

By now, we’re familiar how Oreo’s personality is synonymous to creativity and imagination which is laid out on this platform as well.

Elaborate recipes using Oreo as their leading ingredient, their page shares a lot of macron, cake, cheesecake, truffle, brownie, and other desert recipes.




Their Pinterest page comprises of an altogether different content, not at all associated with their product directly, but making use of their product within recipes. To sum up, their entire page is only about recipes of Oreo.

Apart from absorbing the demands of each feature, the brand stayed topical by sharing images redesigned using their cookie to commemorate an event.


Oreo’s social media strategy is based on four distinct aspects, first staying topical- we’ve observed how trending topics automatically grab attention and stir conversations around it. Secondly, the brand practiced consistency by frequently popping up on the screens thus maintaining a brand re-call despite its success in the market; next it leveraged on simple contents to be consumed by viewers and finally kept everything very interactive, visually pleasing and fun! After all, on social media a brand that offers entertainment will always be preferred over something that doesn’t.

Oreo is a winner just by managing to connect with their audience in their unique style. Thus, their social media strategy shines bright; in fact they hold the potential to be one of the front-runners when it comes to brands on social media around the globe. Oreo provides addictive content similar to their product, now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go grab some cookies!


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