⁠⁠⁠Get set to unearth #UntoldStories with the Agency Showreel

Agency Showreel

The Indian Social Media universe is blessed with stories that have inspired millions, campaigns which have achieved strategic goals, brands who have grown enormously!

The industry talks about them, the conversations fuel conferences and symposiums but most of the times we forget to celebrate the unsung heroes!

The brilliant minds behind that inspiring story, the math men who ensure the ecstatic performance and the superheroes who take the charge for a brand’s social behaviour!

Social Samosa is delighted to present Agency Showreel a platform to showcase #UntoldStories from the finest of agencies in India

Commencing with Social Kinnect, we shall then unveil the #UntoldStories from The Glitch, White Rivers Media and Di Mentions

Our team with their little camera went out to explore the agency world, to understand their pains and rejoice their joys and they journey was one we shall never forget.

We implore you to be a part of this journey and stay tuned to meet Team Glitch on all their glory and strength on October 05.

Happy Reeling.