Agency Spotlight – D-Crypt: Meet the Team

As a part of our Agency Spotlight segment featuring D-Crypt, we present to you the awesome team behind the awesome work that the agency churns out.
Ashna Sawhney


Designation: Account Planner

Behind my back, my coworkers call me : Vasuli Khaala

Client to me is: A maze. Once you figure them out it’s only a win win!

Hot water cooler Gossip at the agency: We hog, we hog beyond imagination. Food is all that we discuss all the time. And then the strategy begins, to spoil the people on strict diet, with scrumptious waffles, coffee and donuts! Isn’t there always a “Chal, it’s okay I’ll start again from tomorrow that you wanna listen to ;)”

Pankaj Sonkusre

Designation: Digital Media Head

Behind my back, my coworkers call me :  Mr. Nerdy who owns Google and can get any things done-online (which is true). Spoiler alert I don’t own Google.

Client to me is: Someone who pays me to make my neurons work to full capacity. I love to offer ideas for optimization and getting people pay for product/services at the lowest dollar spend.

Hot water cooler Gossip at the agency: When would my colleagues get married?

Rohan Dias


Designation: Associate Creative Director – Copy

Behind my back, my coworkers call me : Moody with a hint of sunlight

Client to me is: The path of a parabola!

Hot water cooler Gossip at the agency: Why are there so many options when it comes to coffee?

Rohit Yerunkar


Designation: Associate Creative Director – Art

Behind my back, my coworkers call me : Salla Khadoos, Singham

Client to me is: Oh My God

Hot water cooler Gossip at the agency: When’s the next office party?

Chhavi Miglani


Designation: Senior Manager, Client Servicing

Behind my back, my coworkers call me : A moody Woman.

Client to me is : Someone who brings out the best in you! It is a give-and-take relationship that just does not happen. It takes commitment, effort and time. Trust is the most important factor in this relationship. If your client trusts you, you can go a long way together to meet each other business objectives.

Hot water cooler Gossip at the agency: When and where are we partying next? Because we never run out of reasons for same.

Nehal Rathod


Designation: Group Account Manager

Why I exist: To sit on the heads of creative and planning team and put spanner in the work for their creative layout

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Snehal, even though my name is Nehal! When would they I am a MAN and not a WOMAN!

Client to me is : Client is the King. Why?Make the log bigger,Fill all the white space. I want my money worth!!Creative is too Fancy…

Hot water cooler gossip at the agency : The morning starts with who all in in for Samosa, Vada Pav & any other local cuisine that makes your stomach rumble; and ends with the same! Life’s Fun Right?

Sarang Shah

Designation: Sr. Manager Client Servicing

Why I exist: I exist here, because of my servicing skills, my ideal role is to keep our clients happy with the services and majorly to build strong communication within the internal team for better output and smooth operation flow.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Sarang, as they all love my name a lot.

Client to me is: Client to me is a like a Friend. As we all know in friendship we don’t do any wrong selling and friendship is always Full of Trust, and give maximum benefits.

Hot water cooler gossip at the agency: “Gossip is always in the air”. Here people don’t need any specific topic, people here can gossip on tea, new joinee, snacks, breakups, friendships, relationships, work, seniors, lunch, dessert.

Stay tuned in as we explore in our next article how a day at D-Crypt actually looks like.