#BeneathTheSurface goes beyond the reel life of King Khan

Microsoft #BeneathTheSurface

The allure of talk shows is absolutely irrefutable. Considering the curiosity we behold for the intimate lives of celebrities, these interactions exterior to the reel world takes us #BeneathTheSurface unraveling their real layers. Talking of Bollywood talk shows the name Anupama Chopra inevitably gets looped along, who now is venturing into the digital space through her raw, candid and unfussy series bestowed upon the lives of stars glittering solely on YouTube.

Nurtured through the charm of two massive brands of Microsoft and Anupama Chopra, the series, #BeneathTheSurface is thriving in a space that currently is dominated by varied populace.

Interaction with the King of Wits

Oozing with charisma, exceedingly witty, brutally straightforward and a thorough gentleman, Shah Rukh Khan was seen walking down the narrow streets of a far-off land from sunshine to sundown and in the last part tucked away in a room conversing with Chopra about his life – the actor and the characters.

At bay from scoops and scandals, these web series reveals the aura around the personal existence of the celebrity which focuses on his individual journey, ideologies and evolution over time.

Bringing out the unfiltered persona of himself, Shah Rukh Khan spoke out loud about himself as an actor, “I’m beautiful in a different way, I’m unpredictable, charming, I make you glow, sad, I destroy you, distress you, I create longing for you, belonging for you, I could be the worst thing that happened to you, I’m genuinely like that and I believe in love like that.”

Interview scenery

On contrary to illustrious Bollywood talk shows, #BeneathTheSurface does not possess a precise art design but the vista of its interaction makes the show what it is- unfussy and colloquial. This is how the talk show stays close to its hashtag which swears to go #BeneathTheSurface and engage celebrities into conversations closer to their personal space.

In the last segment of the show, Chopra strikes a dialogue with Khan about his last release ‘Fan’ where on Microsoft Surface she showcases her favorite scene from the film where the fan character of Shah Rukh Khan gets a glimpse of star the other character played by Khan in the film.

Viewers seem to have fondly embraced the series of #BeneathTheSurface considering the presence of an admired host and of course the presence of biggies of Bollywood. Releasing the video on Khan’s birthday on November 2, 2016 the series managed to garner over 200,000 views on each part and even managed to magnet some social media attention.

Venturing into web series and considering the prospects of flourishing into social media, #BeneathTheSurface has been a front-runner ever since its release and is actively evolving the celebrity talk show rituals from being on one screen to now on multiple screens.