[Case Study] Gehna Jewellers leverage Instagram Stories to celebrate Dhanteras

Gehna Jewellers


Gehna Jewellers



A high end designer jewellery store from Mumbai, Gehna Jewellers leveraged social media to engage their followers by leveraging the appeal of social media to give their audience a glimpse of their luxurious premises.


Gehna Jewellers wished to give their audience a luxurious feel of their high end store by offering them a virtual store walk through, leveraging the popularity of Instagram Stories on the auspicious day of Dhanteras.


Before the eventual roll out of the virtual tour, Gehna Jewellers generated pre-buzz activity around the campaign on all their social media handles. Dhanteras, known as the festival of wealth, is one of the most auspicious days in Hinduism, during which the purchase of gold is considered a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Gehna Jewellers launched their campaign at the perfect moment, showcasing their extensive collection of designer jewellery on Instagram Stories.

The campaign was executed over a period of two days, focused on the Gold collection on Dhanteras and the Utsaha collection on Diwali.


With Instagram Stories as their platform of choice, Gehna Jewellers chose to feature eye catchy and visually captivating pictures from their store. Along with the virtual tour, the brand also featured festive jewellery designs and gold coins which are an integral part of the festival of Dhanteras.


Instagram Stories was the perfect fit for the brand as they managed to engage their target audience successfully. The Dhanteras Collection attracted more than 9823 views for the collective 14 Instagram Stories posted on their official Instagram handle for the virtual tour.


Also, The Utsaha Collection attracted more than 6581 views for 7 Instagram Stories uploaded.


Receiving overwhelming positive response from their audience, Gehna Jewellers official Instagram handle gained 200 followers in 2 days time.2016-11-23-1

The visual appeal of the campaign resonated well with their niche audience as the brand received a lot of praise and positive comments with regards to their collection.

Gehna Jewellers leveraged the occasion of Dhanteras together with the popularity of Instagram Stories to orchestrate a successful promotional campaign and virtual tour.