Going behind the love-affair started by Doublemint’s #StartSomethingFresh


Twirling a romanticized, dreamy tale around a mint product, Doublemint attempts to re-create the lost Bollywood-y love between a good looking, young couple, stringing in around the concept, #StartSomethingFresh.

A Minty love story

Lucidly inculcating their mint product within a storyline, Double mint scripts a fresh music video directed by Soojit Sircar around an old Bollywood song ‘Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se’ thus giving the song fresh visuals

Doublemint managed to churn out a heart wrenching, appealing and an absolutely aww-worthy film by sticking to the Bollywood cliches of how a couple meets and nurtures their relationship simultaneously giving it an essence of the contemporary scenario. Role reversing by showing the girl in the film making the first move or climbing down the pipe instead of the guy or even apologizing for the fight also is slightly inclined towards being a clichéd way of being progressive.

The film also managed to magnet some attention towards it by filming bold kissing scenes between the couple- Cringe-worthy for some, while realistic for others – either ways it was a risk worth taking for the brand to put out the drama on screen.

Though it is questionable on how appropriate is the content for a digital platform or Facebook per say that has legit access to children as young as thirteen. But again, here the brand is not only breaking digital marketing stereotypes but also portraying an image for itself, somewhat like what Cornetto or Cadbury dairy milk did as a young, vibrant and contemporary brand that builds itself on unblemished love. So is the campaign pretty bold or can this be the new wave of communication specifically to the Indian audience?

Product marketing

The brand took storytelling very seriously. Inculcating all the ingredients of cinema, #StartSomethingFresh has everything- from heroes to desires and the hero here isn’t the couple, but the product.

Blatant acknowledgement of the product throughout the story managed to imbibe its presence in the viewer’s mind. The product became a catalyst in the growth of this love story thus making it a vital and connecting aspect in the script, making the product a conversation starter.

The last part in which the domino trail is created through the product, speaks volumes about its precise packaging and it wouldn’t be surprising to later see consumers building a domino streak out of it.

A belief ecosystem allows one to move away from a product-oriented branding to more of a consumer value-oriented branding. Through this, Doublemint attempted to define a niche target group and developed a brand communication strategy. Through this sharp approach, the brand also managed to flourish itself through the clutter of competition like other mint products- Happy dent, Orbit, Polo, and so on.

Social media affair

The campaign created by Creative Agency BBDO India received 3,663,501 views on YouTube since its release and multiple activities were observed on their official social media handle.

The brand ran interactive =activities around the theme of love where they asked couples about the moment they fell in love. They even pinned an edited version of the film showcasing just the last part on their Facebook page which reached 3.9M views, 15k shares and 156k positive reactions.

The brand ran a contest around their hashtag #StartSomethingFresh calling out people to share their love stories.

Written by Durjoy Datta and his fans, the campaign was heavily marketed through their social media page where animated creatives were built showcasing couple situations in a brief. Despite having the youth as their target audience, the brand did not leverage youth populated platforms like Snapchat or Instagram to address, which may have in fact worked in favor of the brand apart from monotonous social media practices.

Doublemint’s brand image, synonymous to love, through this campaign, positioned itself portraying heavy emotions through their film and somewhere re-kindling the idea of simple love in our mind, by bringing alive a screenplay in the Indian aspect by blending in the melodious tunes of the song originally sung by Kishor Kumar.


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