Facebook spreads goodwill with four new features


At Facebook’s first Social Good Forum, the company has unveiled four new features to empower the community and inspire users to undertake charitable activities and spread goodwill.

If you have ever spotted a Facebook friend sharing, liking or commenting on a post that they believe is meant for a charitable cause, well you aren’t the only one who has noticed. Facebook did too.

After a grueling week that saw the social network concede that their measurement metrics had a few inaccuracies; the fake news publications that inhabit their platform and accusations that Facebook influenced the American citizens’ political beliefs and whatnot, Facebook finally has some positivity to share.


Working together with more than 750,000 non profit organizations, Facebook is enhancing their fundraising responsibilities by adding a Donate Button to Live Videos and posts.


The company is also partnering with other well known nonprofit movements such as Movember, one of the world’s most popular men’s health awareness and charities that began in 2003 in the United States of America. Men from all over the world who are a part of the movement grow their moustaches in the month of November to spread awareness about men’s health.

Facebook is also partnering with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Giving Tuesday.


Another one of Facebook’s popular features that has received mixed response from users all over the world, but has a positive ideology behind it. The Safety Check feature, which notifies your Facebook friends that you are safe, in case of a natural or other such calamity such as earthquakes, terrorist attack, floods etc.

Earlier, The Safety Check feature was made available by Facebook itself upon receiving news of any such disasters, but now it has been made available to communities, meaning that if a certain number of people in a location post on Facebook with words such as Earthquake, it will automatically assign a Safety Check for all the people in near the location.


Users can mark themselves and their friends safe, enquire about others, and if you aren’t in the affected area you can also let your friends know about that.

The fourth and final feature is Community Help, using which you can ask for or offer help to the ones in need, in the event of a natural calamity. Users can now request for basic human necessities such as food, shelter or clothing or offer them if that is the case.


With more than 1.7 billion users, Facebook has the capabilities to reach far and wide across political boundaries, it connects people from all walks of life, bringing together family, friends and colleagues, all in one place. Not restricted to that, the platform provides much more than personal applications, it has also transformed into a paradise for businesses.


Mark Zuckerberg has shown unmatched ambition to diversify Facebook, growing significantly from a few million users to 1.7 billion.

News, Trends, Videos, Sport Scores, Advertisement, Games and much more, all at users’ disposal in one place signifies Facebook’s rise from just another social networking platform to the undisputed monarch of social networking.