Facebook tests new feature that notifies users about nearby WiFi hotspots

Facebook is developing and testing a new feature into their core platform that will help users look for free WiFi around them in order to encourage Facebook mobile users to use their app.

There is nothing that we despise more than a sluggish internet connection, and Facebook hates it even more than we do because bad internet means you’re not on Facebook, which for the social network is unacceptable.


That is precisely why Facebook has been pushing towards improving internet connectivity wherever they can, yet there are some places they cannot provide internet access.

The new WiFi search option was spotted and reported by The Next Web yesterday. It was spotted on an iPhone handset and it is not clear whether the Facebook for Android users have the test feature available.


iOs and Android users already have applications available that notify them about open WiFi networks available around them but incorporating the feature into Facebook itself makes it hassle free and also makes it more likely for users to use the app longer than they would have.

Let’s be honest, free WiFi is the best, and we all love to scroll our News Feed and giggle at videos of cats and laugh at memes, stay updated about what our friends are doing and who loves whom.

It is a brilliant decision from Facebook but the crucial part lies within the execution and not the idea per se.

To address this, Facebook introduced lighter versions of their core platform and Messenger too.

Lighter versions of Facebook and Messenger fulfill just one of Facebook’s agenda, which is to keep users within the Facebook ecosystem. Although to use the advanced features on offer from Facebook such as Facebook Live, it requires a strong internet connection which for instance in India is not always available.

Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious Free Basics project met an abrupt conclusion, following which the company tried to boost rural internet connectivity. Google is working on a similar development called the Project Loon, and is also working with Western Railway to provide free WiFi at railway stations.

If Facebook’s tests are successful, and the update is rolled out eventually, Facebook can expect to see a significant rise in the number of hours spent by the billions of users they have worldwide.