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Movies are delightful. Depending on your inclination, Hollywood or Bollywood, they keep us engrossed in the on screen proceedings, that may or may not leave us impressed at times. Although, there may be more people like us who enjoy movie reviewers more than the actual movie.

Watching someone break down our favourite and not so favourite movies into wholesome doses of fun by individuals who go through the ordeal of watching these movies beforehand - bliss we'd say.

We compiled a list of 8 of the funniest and most entertaining movie reviewers that inhabit YouTube and keep us entertained with their shenanigans.

Pretentious Movie Reviews

Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath are the dynamic duo behind Pretentious Movie Reviews, although there is nothing pretentious about it. They review the most mind numbing and cliched Bollywood movies from the past and are an absolute riot.

Pretentious Movie Reviews talk about Fardeen Khan’s debut movie Prem Aggan in this video, and we highly recommend you watch it alone, because you will struggle to contain your laughter.

Jeremy Jahns

A high energy, coat clad movie reviewer, he has more than a million followers on his YouTube channel. He is one of the well known content creators on YouTube, and has since branched out from movies to games and other media.

Jeremy reviews one of the most anticipated movies that released this year, Dawn of Justice : Batman V Superman. If you’re a comic book or superhero genre buff, you have got to watch the review. Spoiler Alert though.

Chris Stuckmann

His reviews are titled ‘The Hilariocity’, laced with Chris’ unique brand of humour, where he tells us about movies that are so awful, none of us can help laugh at them. Chris adds to the humour quotient with his Hilariocity.

Here, Chris Stuckmann reviews Nicolas Cage’s The Wicker Man, a movie that has been rumored to make people walk out of an airplane. Yeah that bad.

The Review Jockey

Sanil claims to offer nothing but the truth in his movie reviews, and with his channel The Review Jockey, he regularly offers his opinion and his prediction regarding fresh Bollywood movies.

Sanil reviews what we already know is a bad movie, but nevertheless, it’s fun to watch someone rip it to shreds.


Yes, we know! But he is a movie reviewer after all. Self proclaimed number one Bollywood critic, KRK is pretty active not just on YouTube but also on other social media platforms and his opinions stretch out to current events too.

His social media spat with Ajay Devgn is pretty well known by now and here he is, yet again rubbing Mr. Devgn the wrong way.


Sikander Sidhu and Pulkit Kochar manage the channel Hollyshit has more than 250k subscribers, and their movie reviews are a mix of old and new, but disappointing movies nevertheless. The movies they pick to review are hilarious even before they actually say a word about it, but they add their own twist with clever editing and one liners.

Hollyshit’s review for Gunda is one of the most popular and funniest videos on their channel.


If you’re someone who loses their mind nuggets when you watch a movie with revolutionary CGI, some slick special effects and the cherry on top, if it’s a superhero movie! That is exactly what Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis’ Schmoesknow dispenses, which is not overtly funny, but an instant rush for a geek like, well me.

Here Schmoesknow decode the most recent blockbuster from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange.

The FLICK Pick

John Flickinger does movie reviews, top 10 lists, trailer reactions, explanations and you know pretty much everything that has to do anything with movies. He has 225k subscribers on his YouTube channel, theFLICKpick.

John Flickster freaks out like most of us would, as he reviews the Blair Witch movie.

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