Oxemberg’s #MakeYourMove introduces a look for every mood


There’s a hue for every mood. So drape yourself in layers of tones that echo your thoughts enunciating your personality. Toggling and bouncing around dyes, Oxemberg through their array of shirts exhibit the abstract rapport shared between colours and moods bringing in some exquisite fashion right to your screen.

The contemporary men brand’s digital brainchild #MakeYourMove, attempts to encapsulate the state-of-mind of the youth and further exemplifies their collection with sass and the dainty mood swings experienced by the Gen Y today.

Through the urbanite tale of four friends, #MakeYourMove heartens their target audience to go raw, gleeful, gallant and downright chic. Pairing up the dynamism with a film, the brand features four stylish youngsters going through life decked up in dapper attire, reflecting raw magnetism and sophistication.

“Nowadays the TG we cater to is very proactive and never hesitates to take a new and bolder step to achieve success; so does Oxemberg! The new, young look of Oxemberg will help the brand to grow more & to target the core consumers that make up our TG,” shared Ramesh Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director, Siyaram.

The youthful and zesty campaign is all about breaking out from the mundane and enjoying what life has to offer with style.

Through their social media pages, Oxemberg evolves to become a colloquial of the young and inspired, urging them to take a step ahead towards the path of unconventional fashion by decking up and simultaneously resonating the current mood.

Putting an explicit colour to every mood, #MakeYourMove through their website displays a meticulous mood and then disperses it into various colour elements on touch, syncing with the particular mood.

“Our current campaign talks about people who are never afraid to voice their ideas & are confident enough to take the next step towards success. Oxemberg as a brand has always been a beacon to them, always leading the way ahead by being innovative & experimental. I am very excited about this campaign and happy that people are liking it,” Gaurav Poddar, Executive Director, Siyaram Silk Mills.

The brand introduced Mr. Bro, the ideal wing man who shares tips and rules of dressing up to be a man of urbanity and vogue. #MrBroSaysSo shared trends of class and elegance giving ultimate dressing up goals.

Mr. Bro, with swag and flamboyance, preaches that life might not be perfect, but clothes sure can be.

Oxemberg’s Mood Filter, is a testimony of how the accurate colour can be the catalyst for an exciting day. The Mood Filter will guide you to wear what you feel. The feature lets you pick and choose your mood for the day – for instance neutral, happy, or sober; once you pick the mood, the app very creatively suggests the colours you should wear according to your state of mind.

Straight from the mid week blues to weekend woos, things can turn around quickly if you’re dressed aptly and #MakeTheMove expresses that well.

To further build engagement, Oxemberg ran a colourful initiative on social media, wherein they introduced the colour of the day and gave users a chance to share their photos sporting clothes of that colour.

Treading on the lines of look for every mood, Oxemberg’s #MakeTheMove manages to breathe in fresh air in the social media world and splashes hues of fashion on your screen.