5 things Revital H Woman’s #HealthyConversations teaches us

Revital H Woman

We’re the generation that sprints on to the internet after every sneeze or scratch, scavenging for results. But how much of the content is reliable given the fact that a barrage of information is available? Addressing this challenge Revital H Woman came up with a thought, to bridge the gap between the consumers and reliable health experts (Nutritionists).

Revital H Woman

Prioritizing the health of the nurturers of the family, Revital H Woman released a video stirring #HealthyConversations. Social Samosa picked up five brilliant insights this video shares with the social world.

1. Encouraging women to take care of themselves for a change

Like they say, more than often a woman is a born multitasker, but it can be thoroughly exhausting health-wise for housewives as well as working women to find a balance between family’s health and their own. Hence, Revital H Woman, through this video addresses women, who usually are the caretakers of the family but more than often forget to take care of themselves.


2. Reliable health influencers

Through this film, the brand not only promotes its product but goes a step ahead by facilitating interactions with health experts – Nutritionists.  Not preachy but conversational in nature, the film further provides women a chance to check their health quotient and get a nutritionist consultation and diet health chart for no price. The brand became the catalyst to fume conversations around health behavior of women per say and to influence people modify their health regimes.

3. Simple & convenient for women to adopt

Content is the crux and getting that precise is everything. Revital H Woman through their film keeps the content engaging, interactive and relatable for their target audience. The brand came up with convenient and easy campaign idea to positively evolve the health routines of women today, who are living in a fast-paced life today. Through this campaign the brand provides instant health score, online consultation and a customized diet chart through their microsite.

4. Amalgamation of health and social media

Social Media is responsible for enabling efficient communications, this medium has literally shrunk the world and incorporated conversations of genres within. As health being one of the most requisite yet critical topics of discussion, the brand has produced content which is very relevant and trustworthy. Along with it, the brand also contributed to the amplification of interactions related to health on social media, thus reaching out to the masses.


5. Subtlety in building a brand connect

Through this film the brand builds an exceptional relationship with their audience by introducing a product especially designed for women and their lifestyle. Revital as a brand has already created a brand re-call and strengthens it further with a product for women, Revital H Woman.


Considerate towards the imperative nature of content around health, Revital H Woman blending in with the digital platform has nourished a campaign which screams of exclusivity, fidelity and smooth content creation.