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The video gives you a brief snapshot of the well-rounded and evolved services offered by WATConsult.

Let’s re-establish a piece of fact here; in the era of digital marketing, creativity is the key. Stepping its foot up from being a genre to a conscious parallel universe, digital marketing is a whistle every brand wishes to blow. A marketplace with accurate digits, fierce opponents and plethora of minds to crack, every brand need a nurturer to get them through the entire How, When and Why- for which they all got WATConsult.

WATConsult, the connoisseur digital body is dynamically involved in the evolution of the social media marketing scene in the country by coating the brands with novelty, imagination and emotions and putting them up on our screens.

Evolving with the dynamic industry, WATConsult recaps the services under their creative and media departments. Cue in to for a quick snapshot of their new offerings.


In the segment of creativity through social the brand aids in strategizing, creating and promoting their presence across social media platforms. They know what it means to say ‘Social media is NOT just a buzzword.’

They are bringing digital thinking to the age-old practice of advertising. The agency is providing 360-degree campaigns with creative strategy, media outreach and seamless execution for best ROI.

They speak the language of the web so you can effectively say what matters for your business. They design the web apps, micro-sites, SEO optimization and site maintenance so the brand can succeed in the long run.

Coming to the video department, be it a documentary, a brand film or an animated story, they do it all from scratch - concept, writing, storyboarding, production, editing. Just tell them what you want to say they will find the best way to say it in ‘moving pictures’.

Considering how the world has turned to mobile communication, they bring mobile apps and ideas that suits you along-with a device led approach for performance.


Dissecting their media at large, for planning and buying they provide a strategic media approach with every plan that achieves all the digital media and social media objectives. Along with that they have a super specialized programmatic media buying solutions to target the best fit for the audience and the best chance of success with access to media expertise of top partners in the country.

WATConsult also looks at how the media spend is performing with their in-depth analytics tools that allows live monitoring and customizable reporting. While through the media audit they provide with a digital performance scorecard to avoid making the same mistakes and to repeat the success with greater effect.


Their Social CRM, a social media monitoring and response management command centre provides real time insights to brands for better market understanding and customer satisfaction. For successful shopping online, they integrate tech, sales, warehouse and support to customize a solution for the best ROI.

The digital agency with their cutting-edge and innovative media buying solutions aid brands to find the right customer online and target campaigns better. Whereas through InnoWAT aka an innovation lab they create new-age brand experiences, also run trial with latest technologies like AR, Robotics, VR & Gesture Control for solutions in seamless cutting-edge brand integration.

Finally, through recogn, their one-stop-shop for all audience and market analysis and understanding they provide detailed consumer insights for impeccable campaign decisions-making.

To sum it up, WATConsult, is the ultimate arbitrator between brands and the digital platforms where they’ve become the gatekeepers to embellish the brand’s persona for the consumption of their audience.

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