The F&M Show joins hands with Social Samosa

The F&M Show

The F&M show, previously known as Blab2Learn, has been around for an year and we have had fabulous guests and audience on the show so far. The show has featured some of the finest minds in digital marketing.

Falguni and self always believed in making this show one of the most important destination for marketers who were out to seek industry insights and gain from the combined knowledge of guests as well as us.

The show had started on the blab platform. Unfortunately, blab itself faced some challenges of growth and was shut down recently. Post that, we have tried few other platforms and had a couple of sessions but took a pause to evaluate new platforms as well as our own positioning of the show.

We wanted to ensure that the show reaches a wider and focused audience. An audience that sees digital marketing and it’s various facets as one of the most important aspect of any brands digital strategy.

As we were looking around, a chance conversation happened with the Social Samosa team. Few emails and talks later, we thought that here is a platform that the marketers go to and appreciate. It had the audience which was probably more than our combined reach. Plus they equally appreciated our efforts in the making of this show and were committed to taking the show as-is.

Gratitude to Hitesh and his team for being patient while we debated and had multiple exchanges of thoughts. You guys rock!

So here we are, delighted to be coming back again. The F&M Show, with Falguni and yours truly along with the fantastic team of Social Samosa. We go back live this week on Wednesday 9PM

We are also more than delighted to be re-launching this along with a good friend and industry stalwart Nitin Bhatia joining us as the guest on the show. The topic of the chat is ‘Outside Insights’

The F&M Show

Wonder what that is!? Tune into the show Wednesday 9PM to know more from Nitin.