Blush Channel with Alia Bhatt urges you to say #ByeByeProblems

Blush Channel

Have you ever listed down a series of things that are not right with you? Questioned yourself in front of the mirror? Googled DIYs and struggled with the answers? Wanted to say #ByeByeProblems? Well, then this is a must watch for you!

Culture Machine’s digital channel – Blush launched yet another powerful message delivered by the always bubbly and chirpy, Alia Bhatt. In association with Garnier and celebrating the spirit of self-confidence, the lead actress of Dear Zindagi shattered walls of insecurities through #ByeByeProblems and showed how to take online trolls with a pinch of salt.

Within 10 days, along with Alia being an idol for young girls to put across the point, the video received massive positive feedback with almost 1M views.

With a set of relatable creatives, GIFs, and activities on their Twitter page, Blush Channel made a point about how self-esteem and self-confidence are your best friends for life.

The video produced by Culture Machine, a digital channel for women, connects with their ever-evolving millennial audience. Encouraging girls to be their own savior and change the game by not seeking external validation, the crux of the digital film is how one should learn to love themselves!

Showcasing Alia on a conference call with her girlfriends, who finds it difficult to convince them for meeting up as they give excuses about their appearance, she sends out the message that says, “I heart me, and you should too”

Blush said, “It’s very important for girls to stop judging themselves and altering their personalities as per popular notions. As a brand ‘Blush’ has always believed in the idea of empowering women and strive to make it a widely-appreciated concept.”

The core message of the video is to let young adults know what they can do without letting external factors stop them, and say #ByeByeProblems with ease.

Save the spirit of the video in bold and “Just love yourself, because if you don’t, then who will?”