[Case Study] Benzer used Instagram Stories to promote their latest collection

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Benzer, one of the oldest and most enduring brands in the Indian fashion industry banked on the power of social media to promote their new collection.


Capitalizing on the visual appeal of Instagram Stories, Benzer gave their target audience a glimpse of their newly launched fashion line and a tour of their store to generate buzz.


With a two day activity targeted towards their retail audience in India and abroad, Benzer showcased a virtual tour of their store one Day one to give their audience a feel of their store.


Since the brand’s primary customer base comprises of NRI’s, it managed to invoke a sense of nostalgia in the customers who have moved away from the country.


Concluding the activity on Day one to a exuberant response, Benzer followed up the activity on day two with a contest on Instagram Stories.


The theme of the contest was ‘Can You Guess’, teasing their audience with an engaging activity by disclosing a part of an outfit or accessory, which the participants had to guess by responding through Direct Messages on Instagram.



Benzer’s Instagram Stories' virtual tour and contest activity lasted for two days, receiving a considerable amount of response and engagement from their target audience.

Receiving a cumulative 10470 views on 25 posts on Instagram Stories, interacting with a fan base of more 4102 followers, witnessing an 8% growth in the number of followers on their official Instagram handle.


Benzer became one of the first Indian fashion brands to leverage the newly introduced Instagram Stories feature to promote their brand and interact with their target audience.

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