[Case Study] #CloseUpFirstMoveParty banks on a strong social media mix

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The Glitch

Close Up leveraged social media and other marketing machinery to generate interest and hype among the youth through creativity for the second edition of the #CloseUpFirstMoveParty.


To bring alive the Closeup’s brand promise of giving people the confidence to make a bold first move with a completely new digital campaign. Also, to make the second edition of Closeup First Move Party as the 'Freshest Party of the year 2016.


Going to the platforms inhabited by their target audience, Close Up capitalized on the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to mobilize their promotional campaign.

Collaborating with singer Sona Mohapatra for a Live Facebook chat with their followers, Close Up's First Move theme resonated with their audience.

Capitalizing on the popularity earned through their social media activity and Live chat with Sona Mohapatra, Close Up let their creative juices flow to create a video with celebrity dancer Lauren Gottlieb to put forth a social message on the lines of women empowerment which blended perfectly with their 'First Move' theme.

The video was very well received and succeeded at promoting the #CloseUpFirstMoveParty post which Close Up leveraged its triumphant performance on social media by creating a microsite for registrations and ticket collections.

Additionally, the brand also utilized YouTube as a channel by introducing a Masthead on the video portal. Through the microsite, Close Up interacted with their audiences through celebrities such as VJ Bani, Armaan Malik, and Yudi, eventually unveiling Ranbir Kapoor as the guest of honor.


The video starring Lauren Gottlieb reached more than 7 million people on social media, as Close Up recorded more than 600k users, reaching more than 52% of their target audience on Facebook.

The microsite for the campaign received an engagement rate of 11.5% through 0.41 million clicks. Close Up went a step further to innovate with the Tweet-O-Banner which displayed a live Twitter feed for the campaign hashtag, #CloseUpFirstMoveParty across several websites gathering more than 5.47 million impressions and 7k clicks.


Through a Countdown Banner, Close Up managed to sustain the excitement with a 7 day countdown to the party which generated 11.24 Million impressions and more than 22k clicks and received more than 78,843 missed calls for registration.


Close Up accumulated more than 7.96 million reach and 4 million views through the Digital Invite. Further, the YouTube Masthead generated a desktop reach of more than 32 million, and a mobile Masthead reach of 25 million.

Due to the high activity on social media, the campaign hashtag #CloseUpFirstMoveParty trended for four hours in India on Twitter.

The total reach of the campaign peaked at 14.17 million and impressions clocked in at 29.05 million impressions, attracting more than 1300 youngsters at the party through offline engagement activities such as Shrinking Floor, Boomerang Booth and Close Up First Move Challenge Vending Machine.

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