A peek into the making of Filter Coffee CO–In conversation with Anuja Deora

Filter Coffee Communications

Social Samosa gets into a candid conversation with Anuja Deora, Business Director, Filter Coffee Communications, understanding her take on Instagram marketing and her journey with the agency.

The world had gone social and then He said, let there be pictures. Images with colours, designs, and emotions that words fail to express; like that delectable breakfast spread that has you salivating at sight or the many hues of red that captivate when you’re watching the sunset or the many things you know about her when you see the glow on her cheeks – pictures had breathed life into social media.

Filter Coffee Communications

Pictures started off as mere accompaniments to supplement stories but that soon changed when Instagram came into being and pictures were the story! This was the time to narrate stories the way they were always meant to be, through the eyes and not through words. There was so much potential here that Anuja Deora, a budding social media enthusiast realised her truly calling lay here. Despite an MBA from NMIMS, a few years of number crunching under her belt and a burgeoning career as a banker still beckoning, Deora decided to put her creative and entrepreneurial skills to test.

Anuja Deora
Anuja Deora


“The influence that instant photo-sharing apps had on digital networks grew to an extent where I realized there was tremendous untapped potential for brands to create value for themselves by connecting with their consumers in a direct and interactive manner,” shares Deora.



When Social Goes Visual 

With over 300 million active users globally, Instagram is the fastest growing mobile social network. Deora wished to create rich and visually inspiring content for this platform. The right combination of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in seeing great potential in this sphere helped her bag their first client – L’Oreal India. Their first campaign #CommittedToKiehls was super successful and it’s been great sailing since.

Filter Coffee Communications

This was just the beginning of Filter Coffee Communications – an intriguing name indeed, we wondered. “Coffee is the elixir of creativity,” Deora let us in. “We can’t help ourselves when it comes to clicking and drinking our coffees. An agency that creates rich visual content and is fuelled by caffeine, naturally could have had no other name! Also, if you look at it from my perspective: In the world, we’re living, sharing starts with Filters and Communication with Coffee.”

Filter Coffee CO – Ideas worth a second cup! 

As their ideology, Filter Coffee Communications creates content that they like to see on social media. They are a small boutique style set-up with few BIG brands as clients, who love the way they think and work.

Filter Coffee Communications

“We’re extremely hands-on, micro-macro focussed, 360-degree digital marketing agency,” shares Deora with a grin. “We’re probably the first agency in India who took Instagram Marketing very seriously (it’s been almost last 2 years now!) while other agencies were heavily focussing and getting clients to invest on other media.”

The agency has a team of photographers, stylists, influencers, cinematographers, in addition to other digital marketing experts like copywriters, designers and strategists. Most agencies completely rule out the former and believe in using stock images. But every story is unique and will always remain so. After all, everyone has a story in them!

“Visual storytelling and original content redefined! That’s what we are all about,” Deora exclaims with pride.