Godrej Security Solutions reinforces the need of home security with #MythOLogic

Godrej Security Solutions


Godrej Security Solutions


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To create awareness around the category and products, the campaign was introduced. Instead of using fear to cut across through the target, a subtle dose of humour was added to the conversations, thereby educating the users in a fun yet interactive way. Light hearted illustrations were made to educate consumers.

The campaign message was articulated though the mnemonic ‘Myth-O-Logic’ i.e. busting of household security myths by giving a logical conclusion to it.


The immediate task for the brand was to drive category adoption. This campaign was intended to give the audience an insight of how important home security is and how by believing in age old traditional security myths they are not only jeopardizing the security of their valuables but are also at the risk of putting their loved ones in danger.


The campaign started with a series of Facebook posts that were based on five common household tips of security of valuables.

This eventually led to a contest. The contest was executed on Twitter and Facebook over a span of 3 days using hashtag #MythOLogic and with an objective to break the stereotype of hiding valuables and relying on mediums besides a safety system to secure one’s valuables.

The next 3 months generated engagement, curiosity and changed perception of home security in the minds of people. Chatter and participation was observed and many more age old myths started cropping up.

A tie up with renowned illustrator Saumin Patel gave life to the best and the most common myths in the form of Motion Comics.

Godrej Security Solutions along with Hungama Digital Services claim to be the first in India to introduce the motion comic based microsite. To view the entire motion comic, visit Myth-O-Logic microsite


The motion comic was further published on other social media platforms like ‘The Logical Indian’ and earned appreciation from a lot of bloggers too. The campaign on Facebook had a total of 65,443 interactions, 27,658 view on microsite while the Facebook post by Logical Indian reached 6,57,125.