The healthy battle of competitive brands

Health and fitness being one of the most exciting new sectors, nutrition brands like Protinex have managed to create a mark on the digital platforms. The course of marketing has its own in-roads to competitive battles. Here’s an interesting battle we encountered

Brand Protinex took up to social media to reach out to the world to reveal the health benefits of a well-balanced protein rich diet.  Maintaining an active social media page, the brand created engaging content around topical festivities.

Recently the brand conducted campaign #SelfieWithDabbaChallenge , for their glorious ‘Delicious Food tour’ they garnered plenty of traction. They even created creatives with a countdown of the campaign to ensure engagement and boost participation. The winners were taken for a lunch of fusion cuisine and deserts with the product were shared.

Some of the brand followers on Twitter have been seeking explanation from the competitor brand Ensure about an interesting comparative advertising campaign in some offline channels.


Global nutrition brand Ensure took a head on comparative advertising route through hoardings (billboards) in major cities doing a direct comparison with Protinex with respect to the formulation.

The age old trick from Abbott triggered a smart and fitting reply from Protinex, with a quirky wordplay in its catchline. The campaign pointed out 50% lesser protein content and 11 times higher fat in Ensure Vanilla when compared to Protinex Fruit Mix, and asked consumers to make an informed choice

Given the popularity of Protinex across generations, it remains to be seen how the consumers react to both these brands and their respective campaigns. At a time when adult nutrition category is just getting created and looking at a bright future in India, it is surprising for a global brand like Ensure to get into comparative advertising.

However, it seems like an interesting battle which may cross the borders of traditional mediums and bounce over social media platforms as well. Let’s wait and watch how this battle in the health drinks space unfolds