Ola gets ‘high’ to drive #PeekeMatChala


Do you remember the text you shouldn’t have sent last night? Waking up the next morning with self loathing and gruesome regret are usually the repercussions of this activity. And if there’s anything worse than drunk texting is drunk driving. Don’t believe us? You may want to take a look at the biggest celebrity of Bollywood or simply at the whooping digits that surface the mishaps following this.

Ola Cabs, collaborating with the All India Bakchod (AIB) produced a campaign directed towards this issue of driving under the influence of alcohol and simultaneously bringing in the New Year spirit with #PeekeMatChala.

Ola high on social media

It all began last night. The Twitter handle of Ola Cab went on a drunken tweeting spree, where their entire Twitter page was filled with irrelevant tweets, tagging brands like Zomato, Netflix India, Flipkart, The Viral Fever, All India Bakchod, and even went on asking Baba Sehgal to go to the gym.

Twitterati took up the “high” tweets and soon trolls and jokes started flowing in. Social media was convinced that either Ola’s Twitter account had been hacked or an unfortunate account admin goofed up.

After drunk tweeting for a couple of hours, the brand took the hay off all the puzzlement and revealed a unanimous issue of drunken texting and they further spoke how drinking and driving is worse. Only when we thought this was it, we saw an extension of the campaign that cultivated from the social media handle of All India Bakchod.

Currently being the torchbearers of the comedy scene of our country, AIB did what they do the best- made us laugh. Through a non-preachy, coated with humor and sprinkled with zest of the next year, video had its own AIB essence which predicted 2017 through a song and clearly discouraged driving under influence. This collaboration, in its own way yelled #PeekeMatChala (don’t drink and drive).

Awareness by Ola

This past year, Ola has in every sense revolved as a mature, responsible brand on social media as their campaigns have spoken for themselves.

Speaking on the initiative Raghuvesh Sarup, Head of Categories and CMO at Ola said, “This holiday season, we at Ola encourage party-goers to take an Ola instead of driving. Ola’s #Peekematchala campaign has been specially created to encourage people of India to enjoy this holiday season responsibly. We are delighted to be associated with AIB in using a novel way to deliver this message.”

Topical content has the tendency to get noticed faster on digital platforms and Ola managed to fit in their campaigns in the middle of these social media conversations. To address the rising pollution, Ola ran an extensive campaign titled #DoYourShare and later during the festive season of Ganpati and Navratri the brand took a sarcastic take with #GiveWayGiveLife on the traffic problems that tend to curb emergency transportation.

And now, with #PeekeMatChala during the seasonal festivities of Christmas and New Years, Ola yet again released this topical campaign collaborating with AIB.

Buzzing on social media

To see a brand personify and enact being drunk is indeed a pleasant sight, we affirm. Getting extremely intimate and relatable at the same time, Ola Cabs with immense creativity caught our attention. To add on to this humor, Twitteratis too joined in.

The rare mix of positivity and humor for a grave message like ‘Drinking and driving’ was taken really well by the viewers as the news feed was empowered with people sharing the AIB video and talking about it. To back this statement, the statistics do the talking as within 2 hours of being pinned on AIB’s Facebook page the video received over 31k views, 2k positive reactions, and 280 shares.

Even the drunk tweets of Ola last night received plenty of re-tweets, likes and even initiated Twitter banter.


Ola has constantly been under the microscope given the nature of the brand and the competitive industry. The radio cab brand recently came received a lot of flak, for allegedly gettting #OlaBeatsUber trend on Twitter.

With their drink and drive campaign, Ola definitely managed to stir some negativity they attracted in the last few days.

An association that propagated some constructive advice using hilarity and immense ingenuity managed to rise up as one of the finest campaigns of the year by bidding farewell to 2016 with some commendable content creation.