Twitter admits to an error in advertising metrics on Android app

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Terribly troubled Twitter’s Android app was recently struck by a bug leading to miscalculated video advertising metrics, the company admitted in a blog post, but only after it was reported by a publication.

Twitter appears to have found the Bermuda Triangle of business and the internet, because there can be no other plausible explanation for the platform’s misfortune which keeps getting worse.

The bug, which led to bloated video advertising metrics to the tune of 35% was discovered by Twitter recently, and the company quickly addressed the issue, and made amends but did not disclose it until yesterday.

First reported by Business Insider, the report was confirmed by Twitter with a blog post but withholding information, simply admitting the existence, detection, resolving, and restitution of the bug.

Earlier this year, Facebook too had admitted to finding a few bugs in their measurement metrics and that the company was working towards resolving it as quickly as possible. The bugs affected data collection with regards to video views, page visits and readership of Instant Articles.

Of the 220 metrics that Facebook collects, calculates, and provides, just three were found to be erroneous through an internal audit ordered by Facebook. In order to avoid such instances in the future, Facebook also committed to allowing third party verification soon, assuring businesses of the reliability and viability of Facebook’s advertising capabilities.

Twitter on the other hand, although quick to react and reimburse the brands, seemed reluctant to admit the issue. “Once we discovered the issue, we resolved it and communicated the impact to affected partners. Given this was a technical error, not a policy or definition issue, we are confident it has been resolved,” said the company in an official blog post.

According to the report from Business Insider, Twitter had over charged the advertisers concerned by the metrics that were hit by the bug, and issued refunds which shows Twitter was not afraid to own up to the bug, but simply wanted to avoid more bad press.

Given the microblogging platform’s recent spate of bad luck, the exodus of key employees, worldwide and India from the company over the course of one year, and a stagnant user growth. The persistent issue with handling bullying and racism, that cost them an acquisition from Disney.

Twitter has been trying to attract newer users, but has only had repeat encounters with calamities.

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