When brands made YouTube pre-rolls un-skippable

When brands made YouTube pre-rolls un-skippable

What’s the first thing we tend to do on looking at a YouTube advertisement? Skip it.  Those five seconds usually seem like the longest, but sometimes, just sometimes, brands produce masterpieces that just keep us at bay from the skip button. Let’s give them some mention today.

Content creators are pushed to the edges to create a pre-roll advertisement which insists on producing top-notch creative content within just five seconds. Considered as the most crucial kind of marketing which most of the time is interruptive and leads to undermining of your brand, but if done right can be an interesting break to the consumer.

Eat 24

A food delivery app, Eat 24 played the reverse psychology card on their viewers when they themselves asked the viewers to skip the advertisement, but the really smart copy-writing and visually pleasing burgers floating in the background stopped us from doing so.

Trueview YouTube ad

More than often food and puppies are often loved on social media. Not just with an adorable puppy, but with a splendid content idea, animal charity ASPCA held our attention and absolutely nailed the pre-roll

Friends and Netflix

Re-introducing the iconic series of Friends on Netflix after 10 years was a task for the brand which they undertook and how. Having the responsibility to maintain the reputation this series holds, it needed to have a bang on campaign and they did.


Remember when we mentioned how puppies and food are a rage on internet? We forgot to add kittens and prank videos to the list. The brand’s love Monday’s campaign made the cut in the list because of their enticing content that we could easily resist skipping.

Flight Center

Travel Agency brand produced a series of ‘What if’ ads that asked their viewers rhetorical question of, “What if you didn’t skip this ad?”

Creativity being the ultimate key, the content for pre-rolls has to be immersive and connect with the YouTube dwellers. Most of the Indian brands uploading the same commercial that runs on digital platforms or television never tend to work as consumers crave for variety.

Creativity being foremost aspect, marketers need to squeeze in the necessary information within that time slot by packaging it in the most tantalizing manner. The need to produce more YouTube-centric content is the need of the hour right now.

Have you ever created such a campaign for your brand? If your brand has managed to lead with some path-breaking and dynamic work, nominate it for Best Social Media Brands Awards. Nominations close shortly.


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