[Case Study] My Tangerine Tree takes us through #TheColorEffect

[Case Study] My Tangerine Tree takes us through #TheColorEffect


My Tangerine Tree


Anvis Digital

Sharing the intricate involvement of color in home décor with their audience, My Tangerine Tree is a brand that offers an array of products to embellish your home into a contemporary, trendy space by tying up with brands that excel in the stream of home décor.


Motivated to add depths to the content and to influence the purchase decision of people when it comes to home décor and the aspects around it, the brand created a campaign titled ‘The Color Effect.’


Home décor today is a broad genre that nurtures various elements under its umbrella and color being one of the most vanilla yet significant aspect to considering. The hues you choose, speak volumes of your personality. Where pastels resonate softness and warm, the white and black illustrate sophistication, while hot pinks and tangerine echoe of boldness and vibrancy.

On these lines, the home décor brand took it upon themselves to acknowledge us about the effect of colors in our life and décor. Amplifying our knowledge of colors, the brand assisted us in identifying the role these shades resemble on our mood, further influencing our decision making.

Showing utmost proficiency in their field, the brand took up the digital platform, making their portal the go-to option for our décor needs. The brand shared how the color green instigates independent thinking when faced with constant challenges; for instance yellow aids us to shine through the darkest of our days.

Who knew colors could speak so much? Blue is interactive and influences people to lead an impactful life, while brown encourages communication.

On similar lines, the brand blew life into these colors and personified them by associating the colours with emotions.
Overall, an extremely colorful campaign oozing of emotions, The Color Effect took us closer in understanding the elements of home décor, enabling us to take independent choices for our décor spaces according to our needs.


The #TheColorEffect campaign reached more than 130,000 people receiving more than 6000 of total engagement.

The month long buzz of the campaign generated about 50 plus product inquiries and more than 20 clicks on the links.

Clearly, the campaign enabled the brand to get noticed on the digital platform and excellently portrayed their role in molding our minds for this budding field.