#HomesThatDontDiscriminate: NestAway extends the humour route with a solution for pet friendly homes

#HomesThatDontDiscriminate: NestAway extends the humour route with a solution for pet friendly homes

Do you know what a happy home is? It’s filled with kisses, wagging tails, wet noses, and love. But some homeowners are pitilessly hampering this puppy love with your fur buddy, restricting you from having a happy home. Well, not anymore as NestAway loves your pet as much as you do.

No Barking Mouth Plug

NestAway, the portal that helps you find your desired homes minus the hassle, has taken over the digital portals in the most eccentric manner by addressing the unreasonable, widespread issues of renting homes.

This time, they’re here to save your adorable pets, who are a part of your family. NestAway recently shared a digital film on their page which began with a dog barking and his owners trying to shut him up. With the noise, enters the landlady who yells ‘Kutta not allowed’ (Dogs are not allowed) which amusingly showcases the recurring concern of people not allowing pets in their houses.

Next, the scene shifts to NestAway’s very own ‘Rent-a-fix,’ where this time the bizarre product they’re trying to advertise is a ‘Barking mouth plug’ with Bluetooth speakers. This product resembles a baby’s pacifier but here for dogs, which turns barking into crying.

Concluding, the video shows how this product deceives the landlady and solves the entire problem. Humor apart, NestAway later asks their viewers to keep this drama at bay and hop on to their portal to find homes that don’t separate people from their pets.

The perfect fix? 

NestAway as a brand has studied the audience of this market, identified the difficulties faced by them and are actively filtering these issues with their service to serve better.

Usually not spoken about, some rental house issues are rigidly clinched on the society, which are holding back bachelors or youngsters to find homes of their choice, suitable for their lifestyle and comfort.

Giving birth to ‘Rent-a-fix’ under #HomesThatDontDiscriminate the brand created a sardonic humor which manages to create a brand recall and tap on the issue with their easy-going content. Non-preachy, creatively witty, visually pleasing and engaging is the digital endeavors of the brand that puts a simple message into alluring visuals.  The video garnered over 1.4k views on Facebook, within two hours of its release.

NestAway actively involved in bringing about a change in the society by revamping irrational glitches, is climbing its way up and nestling a sweet spot in the hearts of house-hunters and now dog lovers.


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