#HomesThatDontDiscriminate: Sanskari Nari Kit to the rescue!


After discussing an array of reasons that curb the possibility of finding a decent home to live for bachelors away from home, having a dress sense different from the societal norms tops it all.  NestAway yet again comes to our rescue by banishing away even the ‘Sanskari Nari Kit’.

Sanskari Nari Kit

The status of being Sanskari is apparently an “honor” that the society bestows graciously upon the women of this country, for which you need to tick off a list of deeds to get this acceptance- oodles of good values, follow a curfew of sundown, befriending only the same gender, keeping intoxication at bay, never-ever disrespecting someone older in age no matter what and so on for starters.

Yet another film that reinforces our faith in #HomesThatDontDiscriminate, NestAway this time talks about an issue that is spread across farther than just finding a home.

This film first begins with a girl asking the landlord for his rental home upstairs, but looking at her he imagines a party around her and yells “Sanskari girls only.”

As a solution to this demand, Rent-A-Fix comes with a ‘Sanskari Nari Kit’ this time, from type to stereotype where the kit changes a girl’s outfit to traditional Indian saree with two hair plaits.

How to actually Rent-A-Fix

The nature of these series is absolutely sarcastic, witty and close to the harsh truth clinched to our society.

NestAway considered all the scenarios involved while renting a home and actively used humor to address these issues which could be relatable to the youth, while taunting to these homeowners.

The grave gender stereotypes imbibed in our society comes out timely in our day to day activities and NestAway’s #HomesThatDontDiscriminate chose their portal’s identity to tackle the various issues attached to women trying to find a decent home to live in.

Rent-A-Fix became the brand’s most vital property to put across their content and also created a brand call with this. Targeting the specific audience, the brand succeeded in creating content that is palpable for their consumption.

The film’s descriptive hashtag of #SanskariNari even went live on Twitter today, where Twitteratis are nodding in agreement to this relatable film by the brand.

NestAway enthusiastically concerned in bringing about a transformation in the society by revamping illogical glitches or rather putting their foot forward to support this cause too under the roof of renting homes.


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