[Infographic] Facebook Cheat Sheet for graphic designers

[Infographic]- Facebook -Cheat-Sheet-for-graphic-designers

First impressions always matter, offline and online, for people, and for businesses. Eye catching images are crucial to motivate your audience to click and consume your content, and like every aspect of social media marketing, paying attention on visuals pays off.

This infographic covers everything from company pages to posts and ads across desktop and mobile, going in-depth to create a definitive guide for image creation to attract audience to your page, content or website.

With 1.7 billion users, Facebook is a highly-popular platform for anyone looking to achieve these goals. However, a key part of achieving success on Facebook is to create engaging images that meet Facebook’s varying recommended dimensions and upload sizes.

Take a look at the Facebook Cheat Sheet for visuals.

This Infographic was originally published by techvyse.