[Infographic] How to improve your social media engagement without ads


The mere mention of ‘No Ads’ may sound blasphemous to a marketer, but what if it truly is possible to engage your audiences and boost your brand name on social media without ads?

A huge investment and having your brand name plastered across platforms, digital and offline does not guarantee success, which is an axiomatic fact in the industry. Marketers with a knack for decoding what their audience want, and implementing the same take away the cake most of the time. These are the ones who know how to increase their social media engagement.

If your social media strategy involves the same kinds of posts and formats across different platforms, with no balance between CTA, measurements, CRM and patience among others, this Infographic not only informs, but reiterates how media is the sharpest tool a social media marketer can wield.

This Infographic was originally published by Salesforce.