9 lessons to learn from Social Media goof-ups brands made in 2016

9 lessons to learn from Social Media goof-ups brands made in 2016

Social media giveth, and social media taketh away. It is a place where one can never get away with mistakes. It may result in a little embarrassment that soon passes over when it is among our friends, but when you are a brand on Twitter, goofups are not easily forgiven.

It’s 2016, almost a decade since the most popular social media network was launched, but still some brands continue to goof up when it comes to social media. We all make mistakes. As they say, “to err is human”, but in the social media era, “To err is humongous”.

It’s almost impossible for a brand to get away with making a mistake on Social Media.

Here are some lessons we can learn from the goofups brands did on Social Media in 2016.

1) Check the account before posting.

When you are handling a social media account it is quite common that you would have multiple accounts in your phone. Hence it is very important for the person to cross check before posting or you could post something like this.

2) Check the Facts before posting

or get trolled like India Today got for getting the age of Sonakshi Sinha wrong.

3) Don’t let your Nephew handle your account.

At least that’s what they all say.

4) Check the spellings before posting.

One missing letter can give an all different meaning to the word.

5) Copy Paste Syndrome

Copy Paste is not something new to influencers, and one is most likely to get away with it. Unless you have millions of followers.

6) Do not hurt religious sentiments

Most brands want to be so pro active that they would want to wish their followers on every festival. Fair enough, but do your research before posting.

7) Be careful of the apps you give permission to.

How ironic is that Social Media Awards app did a F-up on Social Media resulting in hilarious set of tweets being sent out.

8) Do not goofup where you are an expert.

9) Check copyright or any other issue before promoting a tweet.

The article was first published by Harshdeep Singh of JLL here.