[Report] LinkedIn shares content marketing predictions for 2017

LinkedIn shares content marketing predictions for 2017

As a new year is underway, LinkedIn attempts to predict the role of Content Marketing with respect to social media marketing, and takes a look at how more and more brands are adopting it as a component into their strategy.

More than 66% of marketers today trust Content to take care of their marketing duties, with a lot of Indian marketers relying on blogs, newsletters, case studies, social media, testimonials, and much more. Brands today are striving to create content that resonates with their audiences; content that is truly share worthy and that adds value to the lives of consumers thereby forming a bond with audiences through the content.

Content Marketing is a mixed bag and there is no one form of content that will achieve everything for a brand. It constitutes a mix of snackable content, images, infographics, and many more forms.

Let us observe and try to decode the current appeal of content marketing, and how to ride the wave as well as the trends that might appear in 2017.