NestAway finds you #HomesThatDontDiscriminate


One of the leading Home Rental Networks in India, NestAway shared a light-hearted, humorous video that assures you #HomesThatDontDiscriminate

Bachelor-Friendly Homes

Arguably, nestling in a conservative society landlords hold back before renting homes to unmarried singles for whatsoever reasons- mostly wincing at their lifestyle.

Addressing this apprehension, NestAway came to our rescue with a video that highlights a typical, relatable reaction received by a landlord. As the video commences, two young boys ask for a rental home to a middle-aged landlord who instantly cringes by instantly imagining boys partying with music, vibrant lights and eventually yelling at them to get out.

Next, the film proceeds by showcasing a hilarious parody advertisement where a man is seen selling a product called ‘Rent-a-Fix’, a kit that lets you convert your friend into your wife.

Finally, the brand asks you to skip the drama and hop on to NestAway to find rental houses without the fuss and flinch.

Social media buzz

We belong to a society which looks down upon youngsters partying or singles living their own life without getting married is unreasonably judged. To touch upon this issue of a regressive society and simultaneously liberating bachelors from the ruckus of house hunting, NestAway came up with #HomesThatDontDiscriminate

Considering the rising demand for bachelor homes, this initiative was a necessity and while brands are busy leveraging social media to sell their products, here, NestAway through an interactive, relatable video is not just promoting itself but even speaking up about an issue which usually is not given any importance.

Through this campaign, the brand portrayed an excellent content marketing strategy that gets the message straight by using humor. Exactly why within few hours the film managed to garner 12k views and 150+ shares on Facebook and over 19k views on YouTube respectively.

Coating this message with humor, the brand handled this campaign with care and through its contemporary, bright visuals managed to make its way through social media and definitely created a brand recall for bachelors looking for a decent home without being too heavy on the pocket.