#HomesThatDontDiscriminate attempts to “trump” over discrimination by houses

Trump Discrimination

Assamese – who are they? Chicken – gross! LGBT – exorcism. Live in relationship – cardinal sin. Friends from opposite sex – do not exist! Girl outside the house after 10 – characterless. Boy works from home – useless. And we haven’t even gotten to the ridiculous stereotypes yet.

These sexist and narrow-minded ideologies are killing the spirit of humanity, one day at a time. This discrimination reflects in every aspect of the society, and NestAway, as a brand decided to voice this with a quirky, relevant, and conversation spot.

“Having experienced discrimination first hand as bachelors looking for a house in a new city, the Founders saw it reflected all around them, in biases ranging from caste and religion to gender, sexual orientation, food habits, ethnicity and marital status. There was a definite crack in the social infrastructure, into which several young dreams were slipping, and the time was right for someone to step in and be part of the solution,” shared NestAway on their blog.

Picking on the ignored, yet grave evil, NestAway decided to raise a voice with #HomesThatDontDiscriminate.

Social media too joined hands with NestAway, lauding the brand and participating to trump discrimination.

With the campaign, the brand managed to hit the bull’s eye, by leveraging the Trump wave, attacking the inherent biases, and positioning themselves as a wheel of help.